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Wireless Timelapse Intervalometer Remote Control Shutter Release For Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Fujifilm Camera

Wireless Timelapse Intervalometer Remote Control Shutter Release For Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Fujifilm Camera

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Wireless Timelapse Intervalometer Remote Control Shutter Release For Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Fujifilm Camera

Capture precise moments and unleash your creativity with the Wireless WTR-2 Timer Lapse Intervalometer Remote Control Shutter Release. Ideal for photographers looking to enhance their time-lapse, long-exposure, and interval photography, this versatile tool offers unmatched control and reliability across a wide range of camera models.


1. Compatibility Across Brands

  • WTR-2-C6: Compatible with Canon EOS series (including popular models like 90D, 80D, Rebel series), PowerShot G series, and more.
  • WTR-2-C8: Designed for Canon EOS professional series (1D, 5D, 6D, 7D) for precise control in professional settings.
  • WTR-2-N8: Supports Nikon DSLRs like D6, D850, and D500, offering flexibility for high-resolution photography and videography.
  • WTR-2-N10: Suitable for Nikon Z series and other DX-format cameras, ensuring compatibility with the latest Nikon mirrorless technologies.
  • WTR-2-S6 & WTR-2-S8: Tailored for Sony Alpha series, Cyber-shot cameras, and more, enabling remote shooting with ease.
  • WTR-2-O6: Perfectly compatible with Olympus OM-D and PEN series, providing intuitive control for Olympus enthusiasts.
  • WTR-2-P6: Supports Panasonic Lumix series and Leica V-Lux, offering seamless integration for various shooting scenarios.

2. Wireless and Wired Operation

  • Operates on a stable 2.4GHz frequency, ensuring reliable performance in diverse shooting environments.
  • Allows for both wireless and wired operation modes, providing flexibility and convenience based on your shooting needs.
  • Transmission distance up to 196ft (60m) in open spaces, offering extensive range without compromising signal strength.

3. Precision Timing Capabilities

  • Timer settings accurate to 0.1 seconds, ideal for capturing time-lapse sequences, blooming flowers, sunsets, and celestial movements.
  • Includes interval timer, long-exposure timer, self-timer, and exposure-count settings, enhancing creative control over your photography.

4. Ergonomic Design and Functionality

  • Timer WTR-2(T) serves as a wireless controller, while Receiver WTR-2(R) connects directly to the camera, facilitating seamless remote operation.
  • Intuitive LCD panel with backlight for clear visibility in various lighting conditions, ensuring ease of use during day or night shoots.
  • Ergonomically designed dial for precise numeric input, enabling quick adjustments with a single thumb.


  • Frequency: 2.4GHz digital radio technology
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 196ft (60m) in open space
  • Timer Accuracy: 0.1 seconds
  • Battery Requirement: Two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions (Timer WTR-2): 15.5 * 4 * 2cm / 6.1 * 1.6 * 0.8in
  • Weight (Timer WTR-2): 64g / 2.3oz
  • Package Contents: Timer WTR-2(T), Receiver WTR-2(R), connecting cable, user manual (English & Chinese)


  • Time-Lapse Photography: Capture gradual changes in nature, cityscapes, and construction projects with precision timing and interval settings.
  • Long-Exposure Photography: Achieve stunning light trails, smooth water surfaces, and nighttime landscapes without camera shake.
  • Remote Shooting: Control your camera wirelessly from up to 196ft away, perfect for wildlife photography, astrophotography, and group shots. 
  • Creative Projects: Experiment with interval shooting for creative storytelling and multimedia presentations.

Package Contents

  • 1 * Timer WTR-2(T)
  • 1 * Receiver WTR-2(R)
  • 1 * Connecting Cable (specific to camera model)
  • 1 * User Manual (English)

Compatibility in Details

Here are all the compatible camera models listed under each WTR-2 remote model:


  • Canon EOS: R10, R7, R6 II, R6, R, Ra, RP, M6 II, M6, M5, 90D, 80D, 70D, 60D, 77D (9000D), T8i (850D), T7i (800D), T7 (2000D), T6s (760D), T6i (750D), T6 (1300D), T5i (700D), T5 (1200D), T4i (650D), T3i (600D), T3 (1100D), T2i (550D), T1i (500D), XSi (450D), XTi (400D), XT (350D), XS (1000D), Digital Rebel (300D), SL3 (250D), SL2 (200D), SL1 (100D), Elan series
  • Canon PowerShot: G1 X Mark III, G1 X Mark II, G1 X, G16, G15, G12, G11, G10, SX70 HS, SX50HS
  • Contax: N and 645
  • Fujifilm: X-H2, X-H2S, GFX 50S II, GFX 100S, GFX100, X-T5, X-T4, X100V, X-Pro3, X-T3, GFX 50R, X-T100, X-H1, X-A7, X-A5, XF10, X-T1, X-T30 II, X-T30, X-E2, X-E1, X100T, X30
  • Hasselblad: H series
  • Olympus: OM-5, OM-D E-M1X, OM-1, OM-D E-M1 Mark III, OM-D E-M1 Mark II, E-M5 III
  • Pentax: K-3 III, K-1, K-3 II, K-3, K-5II, K-5, K-7, K10D, K100D, K110D, K200D, K20D, K30, K-50, K-500, istDS, DS2, DS, DL2, DL, D, 654Z
  • Samsung: NX10 & NX100; GX-1S, GX-1L, GX-10 & GX-20
  • Sigma: SD1, SD9, SD10, SD14 & SD15


  • Canon EOS: R3, R5 C, R5, 1D X Mark III, 1D X Mark II, 1D X, 1D C, 1Ds Mark III, 1Ds Mark II, 1Ds, 1D Mark IV, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark II N, 1D Mark II, 1D, 5DS R, 5DS, 5D Mark IV, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, 5D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D, 6D Mark II, 6D, 7D Mark II, 7D


  • Nikon: Z9, D6, D5, D4s, D4, D3x, D3s, D3, D2Xs, D2X, D2Hs, D2H, D2, D1X, D1H, D1, D850, D810, D800, D800e, D700, D500, D300s, D300 & D200
  • Fujifilm: FinePix S3 & S5
  • Kodak: DCS-14N


  • Nikon: Z5, Z7 II, Z7, Z6 II, Z6, D780, D750, D610, D600, Df, D7500, D7200, D7100, D7000, D90, D5600, D5500, D5300, D5200, D5100, D5000, D3300, D3200, D3100, Z7 II, Z6 II, Z7, Z6;
  • Coolpix: A, P950, P1000, P7800, P7700


  • Sony: A100, A200, A300, A350, A500, A550, A560, A580, A700, A850, A900, A33, A35, A37, A55, A57, A65, A77, A77II, A99
  • Minolta: 5D, 7, 7D, 7i, A1, And A2


  • Sony Alpha: A1, A9 II, A9, A7 IV, A7 III, A7 II, A7, A99 II, A77 II, A68, A58
  • Sony Cyber-shot: RX1R II, RX10 IV, RX10 III, RX10 II, RX10, RX100 VII, RX100 VI, RX100 VA, RX100 V, RX100 IV, RX100 III, RX100 II, HX50V, HX90V, HX400V, HX400, HX300, ZV-1, RX0 II, HX99, FX3, FX30;


  • Olympus: OM-D E-M10 II, E-M5 II, E-M1, E-M5, E-M10; Evolt E400, E410, E420, E450, E510, E520, E620; EM-1, E-P5;
  • Olympus PEN: F, E-P2, E-P3, E-PL2, E-PL3, E-P5, E-PL5, E-PL7, E-PL8, E-PM1;
  • Olympus SP-series: SP-510UZ, SP-550UZ, SP-560UZ, SP-570UZ, XZ-1


  • Panasonic: S5 II, S5 IIX, BS1H, GH6, GH5 II, GH5S, GH5, G90, G91, G95, G9, BGH1, S5, S1H, DC-S1R, DC-S1;
  • Panasonic Lumix: DMC-GH4, GH3, GH2, GH1, DMC-G7, G6, G5, G3, G2, G85, G10, G1, GX8, GX7, GX1, L10, L1, GF1;
  • Panasonic DMC-FZ series: FZ1000 II, FZ2500, FZ1000, FZ300, FZ200, FZ150, FZ100

These models cover a wide range of DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and compact cameras across popular brands, ensuring compatibility and functionality for various photographic needs.

Wireless Timelapse Intervalometer Remote Control

The Wireless WTR-2 Timer Lapse Intervalometer Remote Control Shutter Release offers professional-grade features and compatibility across leading camera brands. Whether you’re capturing the majesty of nature or documenting intricate details of urban life, this remote control empowers photographers to achieve their creative vision with precision and ease. Discover new dimensions of photography with the WTR-2, your trusted companion for capturing life’s fleeting moments.


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