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Super Speed FX Prism Filter Special Effects DSLR Camera

Super Speed FX Prism Filter Special Effects DSLR Camera

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Super Speed Prism Filter: Special Effects Photography Accessories DSLR 79mm Camera FX Prism for Canon Nikon


The Super Speed FX filter is designed to create dynamic visual effects reminiscent of high-speed motion in photography. Whether used for capturing fast-moving subjects or adding a sense of speed to stationary scenes, this filter enhances creativity by introducing a unique blur effect. Ideal for both amateur and professional photographers, it transforms mundane scenes into dynamic compositions.


  • Type: Prism Filter
  • Size: 79mm diameter
  • Compatibility: Suitable for DSLR cameras such as Canon and Nikon
  • Effect: Creates a motion blur effect, simulating high-speed movement
  • Application: Recommended for panning shots and scenes requiring a sense of speed
  • Material: High-quality optical glass
  • Package Contents: Filter, protective case


The Super Speed FX filter is perfect for various photography scenarios where you want to convey a sense of motion or speed. Here are some recommended applications:

  1. Sports Photography: Capture athletes in action with a realistic motion blur effect that enhances the dynamic nature of sports photography.
  2. Automotive Photography: Ideal for photographing cars and motorcycles to simulate the sensation of speed on the road or track.
  3. Nature Photography: Use it to capture flowing waterfalls, windy landscapes, or moving wildlife with a creative blur that adds a sense of motion to static scenes.
  4. Creative Projects: Perfect for experimental and artistic photography where you want to explore the visual impact of motion blur on everyday subjects.

Package Contents

  • Super Speed Prism Filter: The main filter designed to achieve the motion blur effect.
  • Protective Case: Ensures safe storage and transport of the filter, protecting it from dust and scratches.

Usage Tips

To achieve the best results with the Super Speed FX filter:

  • Aperture Settings: Avoid stopping down the aperture too much to prevent the filter from becoming visible in the image. Opt for wider apertures to maximize the blur effect while maintaining clarity.
  • Camera Movement: Experiment with panning techniques to enhance the illusion of speed. Move your camera in sync with the subject's motion to create a realistic and impactful blur effect.


The Super Speed Prism Filter empowers photographers to wield unprecedented control over their creative vision, offering a live-effect tool to enhance visual storytelling with realistic motion blur. Whether capturing fast-paced sports, dynamic wildlife, or experimenting with artistic concepts, this filter elevates your photography by adding a compelling sense of motion and energy to your images. Built with superior craftsmanship and innovation, it stands as an essential accessory for photographers looking to push the boundaries of visual expression and creativity.

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