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Starburst Starlight FX Flare 4-Line Star Effect Filter

Starburst Starlight FX Flare 4-Line Star Effect Filter

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Starburst Starlight FX Flare 4-Line Star Effect Filter

Discover the artistry of light with our Starburst Starlight FX Flare 4-Line Star Effect Filter, designed to elevate your photography with captivating starry effects. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, this filter enhances your creativity by adding distinctive starbursts to point light sources, transforming your photos into mesmerizing works of art.

Features of Starburst Starlight FX Flare Filter

High-Quality Optical Glass: Crafted from premium optical glass, our star effect filter ensures exceptional clarity and durability, maintaining the integrity of your images without compromising quality.

Four-Line Star Effect: This filter creates a striking four-line star pattern emanating from bright light sources, adding a dynamic and glamorous flair to your photographs. Ideal for enhancing the sparkle of city lights, candles, or any point light in your scene.

Rotatable Frame for Customized Angles: The filter's rotatable frame allows you to adjust the angle of the star effect lines. Rotate from a straight (+) orientation to a slightly tilted (x) angle, enabling precise control over the starburst direction to suit your composition.

Compatibility Across Lenses: Available in various thread sizes (e.g., 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, etc.), our star effect filter fits a wide range of camera lenses, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more. It screws easily onto the lens front, ensuring hassle-free attachment and removal.

Enhanced Light Transmission: Engineered with advanced coating technology, the filter maximizes light transmission while minimizing reflections and glare, resulting in vivid and crisp starlight effects in your photos.


  • Material: Optical Glass
  • Thread Sizes Available: 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, and more
  • Star Effect Type: Four-Line Starburst
  • Compatibility: Fits lenses of various brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.
  • Construction: Rotatable aluminum alloy frame for angle adjustment

Applications of Starburst Starlight FX Flare Filter

Night Photography: Perfect for capturing cityscapes, street lights, or any night scene where bright lights create stunning starburst effects, adding a magical touch to urban landscapes.

Event Photography: Enhances the ambiance of celebrations, such as weddings or concerts, by highlighting decorative lights and candles with dazzling starry bursts.

Creative Portraits: Use the star effect filter to accentuate light sources behind or around your subjects, creating a dreamy and enchanting backdrop for portrait photography.

Product Photography: Adds a professional and captivating look to product images by emphasizing reflective surfaces and light sources, making them stand out with a unique starry sparkle.

Package Contents

  • Starburst Starlight FX Flare 4-Line Star Effect Filter
  • Protective Filter Case: Safeguards the filter from dust, moisture, and scratches, ensuring long-lasting performance and portability.
  • User Manual: Provides detailed instructions on usage and care to maximize the filter's effectiveness and lifespan.

How to Use Starburst Starlight FX Flare Filter

  1. Choose Point Light Sources: Ensure your subject includes point light sources like street lamps, candles, or distant city lights for optimal star effect creation.

  2. Adjust the Angle: Use the rotatable frame to adjust the star lines' angle based on your composition and desired effect. Experiment with different angles to achieve the perfect starburst.

  3. Optimal Settings: For best results, shoot with a focal length of 50mm or longer and adjust your aperture to nearly wide open. This setup maximizes the visibility of star lines without fragmenting light rays, especially crucial when using wide-angle lenses.

What is a Starburst Effect?

A starburst effect is characterized by lines or rays extending outward from point light sources in a photograph. These lines resemble a star shape and add a dazzling and dramatic quality to the lights within the frame. The number of lines radiating from the light source depends on the type of star filter used. Common configurations include 4-line, 6-line, and 8-line star filters, each producing a different number of rays around the light source.

How Starburst Filters Work

Starburst filters are optical accessories typically made of optical glass or resin with a specially designed surface that diffracts light passing through it. The filter contains fine etched lines or a grid pattern that causes light rays to spread outwards symmetrically from bright points of light, such as street lamps, candles, or reflections on water.

Key Features of Starburst Filters

  • Design: The filter's design includes a pattern of lines or a grid that diffracts light into star shapes.
  • Material: Usually made from high-quality optical glass or resin to ensure minimal distortion and maximum clarity.
  • Thread Size: Available in various thread sizes (e.g., 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, etc.) to fit different camera lens diameters.
  • Adjustability: Some filters feature a rotatable frame that allows photographers to adjust the orientation of the starburst effect lines, varying from a straight (+) to a tilted (x) angle.

Applications of Starburst Effects

  • Night Photography: Enhances street scenes, cityscapes, and architectural shots by highlighting streetlights, traffic lights, and other sources of artificial illumination.
  • Portrait Photography: Adds a creative touch by placing the starburst effect behind the subject, creating a dreamy or romantic atmosphere.
  • Product Photography: Emphasizes reflections and highlights on metallic or glass surfaces, enhancing product presentation.
  • Event Photography: Perfect for capturing the ambiance of celebrations, such as weddings or concerts, by emphasizing decorative lighting and candles.

Tips for Using Starburst Filters

  1. Point Light Sources: Starburst filters work best with distinct point light sources rather than large, diffuse light areas.
  2. Aperture Setting: Set your camera's aperture to a mid-range or smaller f-stop (e.g., f/8 to f/16) to achieve sharper starburst rays.
  3. Focal Length: Longer focal lengths (e.g., 50mm and above) tend to enhance the starburst effect compared to wide-angle lenses.
  4. Experiment with Angles: Adjust the orientation of the filter to change the direction of the starburst rays and experiment with different compositions.

The Starburst Starlight FX Flare 4-Line Star Effect Filter is your go-to tool for adding a touch of magic and creativity to your photography. With its easy-to-use design, superior optical quality, and versatile applications, this filter empowers photographers to unleash their artistic vision and capture stunning starry effects effortlessly.


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