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Star Line 4 6 8 Camera Lens Filter

Star Line 4 6 8 Camera Lens Filter

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Star Line 4 6 8 Star Camera Lens Filter

Explore the captivating world of starry effects with the Star Line 4 6 8 Star Camera Lens Filter, available in a wide range of sizes from 37mm to 105mm. Compatible with Sony, Nikon, and Canon SLR cameras, this filter enhances your photography with beautiful star patterns that add a touch of magic to your photos, particularly effective in night scenes and jewelry photography.


Multiple Star Ratings
The Star Line 4 6 8 Filter offers flexibility with three star ratings: 4 stars, 6 stars, and 8 stars. Each rating produces varying intensities of star patterns, allowing you to customize your photos according to the desired effect and lighting conditions.

High-Quality Optical Glass
Crafted from high-quality optical glass, this filter ensures excellent clarity and durability. It effectively reduces reflections and enhances light transmission, enabling you to capture sharp and detailed images with enhanced starry effects.

Enhances Night Photography
Ideal for night photography, the Star Line 4 6 8 Filter accentuates light sources such as street lamps, city lights, and starry skies by transforming them into dazzling star patterns. It adds depth and visual interest to nighttime scenes, making them more dynamic and captivating.

Perfect for Jewelry Photography
Capture the brilliance of jewelry and reflective surfaces with the Star Line 4 6 8 Filter. It enhances the sparkle and glitter of gemstones and metallic surfaces, making them appear more luminous and appealing in your photographs.

Wide Compatibility
Compatible with a wide range of SLR cameras including Sony, Nikon, and Canon, this filter comes in sizes ranging from 37mm to 105mm. Its universal compatibility ensures seamless integration with your existing camera setup, making it a versatile accessory for photographers of all levels.

Easy Attachment and Removal
Simply attach the Star Line 4 6 8 Filter to your camera lens using the threaded mount. Its lightweight design and durable construction make it easy to handle and transport, allowing you to use it effortlessly in various shooting environments.


  • Material: High-quality optical glass
  • Sizes Available: 37mm, 40.5mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 95mm, 105mm
  • Star Ratings: 4 stars, 6 stars, 8 stars
  • Effect: Creates star patterns around light sources
  • Compatibility: Sony, Nikon, Canon SLR cameras
  • Applications: Night photography, jewelry photography, creative lighting effects


Night Photography
Enhance your night photography with the Star Line 4 6 8 Filter. It transforms ordinary street scenes and starlit skies into mesmerizing compositions by accentuating light sources with captivating star patterns. Perfect for capturing the magic of urban landscapes and celestial displays.

Jewelry Photography
Highlight the brilliance of gemstones, diamonds, and metallic jewelry with the Star Line 4 6 8 Filter. It adds a unique starry effect to reflective surfaces, making them appear more vibrant and eye-catching in your photos. Ideal for showcasing jewelry in catalogs, advertisements, or personal collections.

Creative Lighting Effects
Experiment with creative lighting effects using the Star Line 4 6 8 Filter. Whether you're shooting portraits, still life, or abstract compositions, this filter adds a touch of artistic flair by introducing star patterns around light sources. It opens up opportunities for innovative and visually stunning photography.

Nature and Landscape Photography
Capture the beauty of natural landscapes and scenic vistas with the Star Line 4 6 8 Filter. It enhances the glow of sunrise and sunset, turning warm-toned skies into dramatic backdrops adorned with sparkling star patterns. Perfect for nature enthusiasts seeking to capture memorable and atmospheric images.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Star Line 4 6 8 Star Camera Lens Filter (selected size)
  • 1 x Protective Case

Star Line Camera Lens Filter

The Star Line 4 6 8 Star Camera Lens Filter is an essential accessory for photographers who want to add creative flair to their images. With its high-quality optical glass construction and multiple star ratings, it delivers stunning star patterns that enhance night scenes, jewelry photography, and creative lighting effects. Compatible with Sony, Nikon, and Canon SLR cameras, this filter offers versatility and ease of use, making it a valuable addition to your photography toolkit. Whether you're capturing urban landscapes, celestial skies, or intricate details, the Star Line 4 6 8 Filter allows you to explore new dimensions of creativity and achieve captivating photographic results.


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