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SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm

SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm

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SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm for Astrophotography

Embark on a cosmic journey like never before with the SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm, your ultimate companion for capturing the mesmerizing beauty of deep-space objects. Whether you're a seasoned astrophotography enthusiast or just beginning your celestial adventures, this kit unlocks a universe of vivid colors and intricate details through your DSLR camera lens.

Unveil the Beauty of Space with SHO Filters

The SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm features three indispensable filters: Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha), Sulfur-II (SII), and Oxygen-III (OIII). Each filter targets specific wavelengths emitted by ionized gases in deep space, revealing the cosmic palette with unmatched precision. From capturing the fiery reds of hydrogen clouds to the ethereal blues of oxygen-rich nebulae, these filters bring the universe's artistic canvas to life.

Precision Craftsmanship for Stellar Performance

Crafted from premium optical glass and housed in durable metal frames, each SHO filter ensures maximum light transmission and minimal distortion. This meticulous construction preserves the true colors and fine details of celestial objects, allowing you to produce images that rival those captured by professional observatories.

Versatility Meets Ease of Use

Compatible with a wide range of DSLR cameras, the SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm offers seamless integration with your preferred equipment setup. Whether you're using a standard lens or a specialized astrophotography rig, these filters adapt effortlessly to capture stunning images of the night sky. Available in sizes from 48mm to 82mm, finding the perfect fit for your camera lens is simple and straightforward.

How SHO Filters are used?

SHO filters, named after the three primary emission lines they isolate—Sulfur-II (SII), Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha), and Oxygen-III (OIII)—are crucial tools in astrophotography for capturing detailed images of deep-space objects such as nebulae and star clusters. Here’s how each filter is used and their specific applications:

  1. Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) Filter:
    • Wavelength: 656nm
    • Application: The Ha filter isolates the specific wavelength of light emitted by hydrogen atoms (Hydrogen-Alpha emission line). This emission line is prominent in nebulae, where it reveals regions of ionized hydrogen gas. It highlights structures like emission nebulae (e.g., Orion Nebula), supernova remnants, and star-forming regions. The Ha filter enhances contrast and detail in these objects, making it ideal for capturing the glowing red hues of hydrogen clouds.
  2. Sulfur-II (SII) Filter:
    • Wavelength: Typically around 672nm
    • Application: The SII filter targets the wavelength emitted by ionized sulfur atoms (Sulfur-II emission line). This emission is significant in certain nebulae, particularly those rich in ionized sulfur. It helps in imaging regions where sulfur emissions contribute to the overall color palette, often seen as red or reddish hues alongside Ha and OIII emissions. The SII filter enhances the visibility of these specific features in astrophotography.
  3. Oxygen-III (OIII) Filter:
    • Wavelength: 501nm
    • Application: The OIII filter isolates the wavelength emitted by doubly ionized oxygen atoms (Oxygen-III emission line). This emission line is prevalent in planetary nebulae and other gaseous nebulae where oxygen is doubly ionized. It enhances the visibility of these objects by highlighting the blue-green regions where OIII emissions dominate. The OIII filter is crucial for capturing the intricate structures and colors of such nebulae with clarity and detail.

SHO Filters Usage

  • Imaging Setup: Astrophotographers typically use SHO filters in conjunction with monochrome CCD or CMOS cameras. These cameras are sensitive to narrow wavelength ranges and can capture the emissions isolated by each filter.
  • Filter Wheel: Filters are often mounted in a filter wheel that allows astronomers to switch between different filters without disturbing the telescope’s alignment. This setup is crucial for capturing multiple exposures of the same object through different filters.
  • Image Processing: After capturing separate exposures through each filter (Ha, SII, OIII), astronomers use specialized software to combine these images into a single composite image. This process, known as narrowband imaging, produces a final image that represents the combined emissions of hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen in a nebula or other deep-space object. It enhances the contrast and reveals details that would otherwise be obscured by broad-spectrum light pollution.

SHO filters are instrumental in astrophotography for capturing the unique emissions of ionized gases in deep-space objects, enabling astronomers to reveal the intricate structures and colors of nebulae and star-forming regions with unparalleled detail and clarity.

SHO Filter Set (SII Filter)

SHO Filter Set (SII Filter)

SHO Filter Set (H-Alpha Filter)

SHO Filter Set (H-Alpha Filter)

SHO Filter Set (OIII Filter)

SHO Filter Set (OIII Filter)

Your Gateway to Astrophotography Excellence

Elevate your astrophotography game with the SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm – your passport to capturing the wonders of the cosmos in vivid detail. Ideal for photographers of all levels, this kit empowers you to explore distant galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters with creativity and confidence, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece.

Package Includes:

  • Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) Filter
  • Sulfur-II (SII) Filter
  • Oxygen-III (OIII) Filter
  • Protective Cases for Each Filter


  • Astrophotography: Capture stunning images of deep-space objects with enhanced clarity and detail.
  • Nebula Imaging: Highlight the intricate structures and vibrant colors of nebulae using targeted wavelengths.
  • Deep-Sky Object Observation: Explore and photograph distant celestial phenomena with unparalleled precision.

Note: The SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm is tailored exclusively for capturing the beauty and complexity of deep-space objects. These filters are not suitable for solar photography. Using them for solar observation can cause damage to your equipment and pose serious risks to your eyesight. Always use proper equipment and filters designed specifically for solar photography when observing or photographing the Sun.

Ready to embark on your astrophotography adventure? Order your SHO Filter Set Kit 55mm today and witness the universe in a whole new light. Capture the cosmos like never before and let your creativity soar among the stars!

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