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Optolong UHC Filter Clip Built-in for Canon EOS-FF Camera

Optolong UHC Filter Clip Built-in for Canon EOS-FF Camera

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Optolong UHC Filter Clip Built-in for Canon EOS-FF Cameras

Embark on a cosmic journey with the Optolong UHC Filter Clip Built-in, tailored for Canon EOS-FF cameras. Designed to enhance your planetary photography and astrophotography experiences, this filter is your gateway to capturing the mysteries of the night sky with unparalleled clarity and contrast.

Overall Review

Unleash the full potential of your Canon EOS-FF camera with the Optolong UHC Filter Clip Built-in. Engineered for planetary photography, this filter effectively blocks unwanted urban lighting wavelengths while allowing critical emissions like H-Alpha and O-III to pass through. The result? Crisp, detailed images of planetary nebulae and deep sky objects, even from light-polluted areas.

Product Specification

  • Compatibility: Exclusively fits Canon EOS 5D2, EOS 5D3, and EOS 6D cameras.
  • Construction: Crafted from superior aviation aluminum with CNC molding for durability and precision.
  • Coating: Ion and electron gun auxiliary IAD coating ensures a firm, dense membrane layer for optimal light transmission.
  • Design: Features a metal frame with extinction treatment to prevent reflections and laser-engraved characteristics that never fade.
  • Package: Includes the Optolong UHC Filter housed in a PP material plastic box with high-density foam for secure storage.


  1. Ultra High Contrast: Enhances contrast of deep sky objects by blocking light pollution from mercury and sodium-vapor urban lighting.
  2. Optical Precision: Professional-grade double-sided polishing and grinding of the base material ensures superior optical clarity.
  3. Convenient Design: Aviation aluminum frame allows for easy installation and removal, making it ideal for both amateur and professional astronomers.
  4. Versatile Applications: Perfect for planetary photography, revealing intricate details of planetary nebulae and enhancing contrast in deep sky objects.


  • Astrophotography: Capture stunning images of planetary nebulae and gas nebulae with enhanced contrast and clarity.
  • Urban Astronomy: Enables astronomers to observe celestial objects from light-polluted city environments without compromising on image quality.
  • Planetary Photography: Reveals the nuances of planetary surfaces and enhances visibility of planetary features by selectively filtering wavelengths.

Transform your Canon EOS-FF camera into a powerful tool for astrophotography with the Optolong UHC Filter Clip Built-in. Whether you're documenting celestial phenomena or exploring the cosmos from urban settings, this filter ensures each photograph embodies the beauty and grandeur of the universe.

Note: Always observe safety warnings and avoid direct solar observation with the Optolong UHC Filter.


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