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Optolong L-Pro UT Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter

Optolong L-Pro UT Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter

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Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter

Overall Review

Step into the realm of astrophotography with confidence using the Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter. Designed to combat light pollution while enhancing the visibility of nebulae and galaxies, this filter is a must-have for any Canon 5D2, 5D3, or 6D astrophotographer. Its ultrathin build ensures minimal vignetting and maximum clarity, making it a perfect companion for capturing the wonders of the night sky.

Product Specification

Crafted with precision and passion, the Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter is engineered to deliver exceptional performance:

  • Brand: OPTOLONG
  • Specification: EOS-FF
  • Product: L-Pro UT (Ultrathin)
  • Compatible Models: Canon 5D2, 5D3, 6D
  • Base Thickness: 0.3mm
  • Material: Superior aviation aluminum frame, CNC-molded for durability
  • Coating: Multi-layer anti-reflection coating for maximum light transmission and minimal reflections
  • Light Transmission: High transmission (~90%) at major nebula emission lines
  • Features: Laser-engraved markings that never fade, ensuring durability and usability in all conditions


  • Light Pollution Control: Reduces light pollution from sodium and mercury vapor lamps, enhancing contrast and detail in astrophotography.
  • Multi-Bandpass Design: Optimized to transmit wavelengths between 400-700nm, maintaining natural color balance and revealing intricate details.
  • Ideal for Deep Sky Photography: Perfect for capturing emission nebulae, reflection nebulae, and star clusters with enhanced clarity and contrast.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Canon EF-mount lenses, ensuring flexibility in your astrophotography setup.
  • Durable Construction: Built with a sturdy metal frame and advanced coatings, the filter withstands wear, scratches, and environmental factors.


Whether you're gazing at the night sky or capturing it through a lens, the Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter excels:

  • Astrophotography: Ideal for both visual observation and deep sky imaging, allowing you to photograph nebulae and galaxies with unparalleled clarity.
  • Urban and Suburban Settings: Mitigates the effects of light pollution, enabling celestial photography from urban areas with reduced skyglow.
  • Professional and Amateur Use: Suitable for photographers of all skill levels, from hobbyists to seasoned professionals seeking pristine images of the cosmos.

Choose Your Filter

Deciding between the L-Pro and L-Pro UT? Here’s a quick guide:

  • L-Pro: Opt for standard L-Pro if you primarily use lenses over 24mm for astrophotography.
  • L-Pro UT: Choose the ultrathin version if you frequently change lenses and demand perfection in your astrophotography endeavors.

Size Compatibility

Designed specifically for Canon EOS full-frame cameras including the 5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, and 6D series, the Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter fits seamlessly onto your camera setup. Its precision-engineered construction ensures minimal impact on your field of view, allowing you to capture expansive vistas of the night sky without vignetting.

Easy Handling and Durability

Crafted from superior aviation aluminum and featuring CNC-molded components, the Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter combines robustness with lightweight design. The multi-layer anti-reflection coating not only enhances light transmission but also protects against scratches and environmental elements, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Why Choose Optolong

Optolong filters are renowned among astrophotography enthusiasts for their uncompromising quality and performance. Backed by advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control, each filter promises to deliver precise wavelength transmission, critical for capturing the faint details of nebulae and galaxies amidst challenging light conditions.

Unlock the Beauty of the Cosmos

Transform your Canon EOS full-frame camera into a powerful tool for astrophotography with the Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter. Whether you're documenting the ethereal glow of emission nebulae or the intricate details of star clusters, this filter empowers you to reveal the universe in stunning clarity and color fidelity.

Package Includes

  • OPTOLONG EOS-FF L-Pro UT (0.3mm) Filter
  • PP Material Plastic Box for secure storage and transport

Enhance Your Astrophotography Experience

Take your passion for astrophotography to new heights with the Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter. Perfect for both amateur stargazers and seasoned photographers, this filter opens up a universe of possibilities, allowing you to capture cosmic wonders with unprecedented detail and beauty.

Order Yours Today

Don’t let light pollution dim your view of the universe. Order the Optolong L-Pro Canon EOS-FF Ultrathin 0.3mm Filter today and embark on a journey to capture the stars in all their splendor. Elevate your astrophotography game and witness the cosmos like never before.

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