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Optolong Clear Sky 77mm Filter

Optolong Clear Sky 77mm Filter

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Introducing the Optolong Clear Sky 77mm Filter - your gateway to pristine astronomical photography even amidst urban light pollution. Crafted by Optolong, a pioneer in professional astronomical filters, the Clear Sky filter is designed to elevate your astrophotography experience by suppressing light pollution and enhancing contrast, all while ensuring easy installation and impeccable image quality.

Optolong Clear Sky Filter Introduction

With a convenient screw-on design akin to a UV filter, the Optolong Clear Sky Filter seamlessly integrates into your photography setup. Say goodbye to the hindrance of light pollution as this filter works diligently to unveil the beauty of the night sky with remarkable clarity. By suppressing unwanted light sources, it enriches the contrast of your images and brings forth vivid, captivating colors, providing an immersive experience for both amateurs and seasoned astrophotographers alike.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Optolong
  • Product Name: Clear Sky Filter
  • Substrate: Optical Glass
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Size: 77mm
  • Frame: CNC Processed
  • Weight: 61g / 2.15oz

Key Features

  • Light Pollution Suppression: Effectively blocks city Na and Hg light pollution, enhancing contrast for clearer astrophotography.
  • Easy Installation: Screw-on design allows for straightforward attachment to lenses or telescopes with a 77mm thread diameter.
  • Uniform Image Quality: Eliminates dark corners, ensuring uniformity and integrity of images across the frame.
  • Multi-Layer Coating: Features advanced anti-reflection coating for reduced glare and enhanced durability.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various camera systems including EOS-C, EOS-FF, NK-FF, and Sony-FF.

Advanced Coating Technology

  • Multi-Layers Anti-Reflection Coating: Minimizes reflections and glare, ensuring optimal image quality.
  • Non-Cementing Optical Substrate Coating: Enhances durability and scratch resistance.
  • Ion-Assisted Deposition Coating: Guarantees stability in central wavelength, unaffected by temperature changes.
  • Planetary Rotation System: Maximizes transmission and optical density, ensuring uniformity and precision in coating.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Optolong 77mm Clear Sky Filter

Additional Information:

  • Designed for astronomical photography, the Optolong Clear Sky Filter offers unparalleled performance in suppressing light pollution and enhancing contrast. With its easy-to-use screw-on design and advanced coating technology, it provides astrophotographers with a powerful tool to capture the beauty of the night sky with clarity and precision.

Experience the wonders of the cosmos like never before with the Optolong Clear Sky 77mm Filter. Designed to overcome the obstacles of light pollution, this filter opens up a world of possibilities for capturing stunning celestial landscapes with unparalleled clarity and brilliance. Unlock the true potential of your astrophotography endeavors with Optolong.


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