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OIII Filter 52mm

OIII Filter 52mm

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Elevate your astrophotography prowess with our OIII Filter for Astrophotography 52mm, meticulously crafted for passionate astronomers. This advanced filter features a 501nm wavelength and an impressive 95% high pass narrow-band design, unlocking the ethereal beauty of the cosmos and capturing mesmerizing details of nebulae and deep-sky objects.

Product Specification

Crafted from high-quality optical glass, the OIII Filter 52mm ensures exceptional clarity and precision in your astrophotography endeavors. Its 95% high pass narrow-band design selectively filters light wavelengths, emphasizing oxygen emission lines in the night sky for vivid and detailed celestial images.

Key Features

  • Optimized for Astrophotography: Tailor-made for astrophotography enthusiasts, the OIII Filter 52mm enhances your capability to capture stunning details of nebulae and deep-sky objects with unparalleled clarity and vivid imagery.
  • High Pass Narrow-Band Design: Experience the secrets of the night sky with the OIII Filter’s innovative design, highlighting specific oxygen emission lines to reveal intricate celestial wonders and add depth to your astrophotography compositions.
  • Versatile Thread Ring Sizes: Designed for convenience, the OIII Filter comes in a 52mm size, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of camera lenses. Its adaptable thread ring sizes enable secure attachment, allowing you to focus on capturing the cosmos effortlessly.
  • Durable Construction: Engineered with durability in mind, the OIII Filter features robust construction and secure thread rings for longevity during extended astrophotography sessions. It’s a reliable tool that withstands the rigors of capturing the night sky.

Where OIII can be found in space?

Oxygen III (OIII) is commonly found in space within nebulae, which are vast clouds of gas and dust dispersed throughout galaxies. Specifically, OIII emission lines originate from ionized oxygen atoms (O2+) that have been excited by nearby ultraviolet radiation from hot stars. These emission lines appear predominantly in the blue-green part of the spectrum around 501nm wavelength.

Here are some key places in space where OIII emission can be observed:

  1. Planetary Nebulae: These are shells of gas ejected by aging stars as they evolve into white dwarfs. Planetary nebulae often exhibit strong OIII emission lines due to the ionization of oxygen in their expanding shells.
  2. Supernova Remnants: The remnants of massive stars that have exploded in supernovae events can also show OIII emission. As the shockwave from the supernova expands into space, it ionizes surrounding gas, including oxygen, producing distinct emission lines.
  3. Diffuse Nebulae: These are large clouds of gas and dust where stars are born. Within these regions, OIII emission can be found where the gas is ionized by the ultraviolet radiation emitted by young, hot stars.
  4. H II Regions: These are areas of ionized hydrogen gas that often accompany young stars. OIII emission lines can be detected in these regions where the intense ultraviolet radiation from young stars ionizes the surrounding oxygen atoms.
  5. Galactic and Extragalactic Environments: OIII emission can also be observed in the outskirts of galaxies and in intergalactic space, where ionized oxygen from various sources contributes to the spectral signatures observed by telescopes.

In summary, OIII emission is a valuable tool in astronomy for studying the distribution and properties of ionized oxygen in various celestial objects. Its presence helps astronomers understand the processes of star formation, stellar evolution, and the dynamics of the interstellar medium across different scales in the universe.

OIII Filter For Camera Lens


Perfect for:

  • Astrophotography: Enhance your ability to photograph nebulae and deep-sky objects with exceptional clarity and precision.
  • Nebula Imaging: Highlight specific oxygen emission lines to capture the vibrant colors and intricate structures of nebulae.
  • Deep-Sky Object Observation: Explore and document distant celestial objects with enhanced detail and fidelity.

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Elevate your astrophotography experience with the OIII Filter for Astrophotography 52mm. Order now to embark on a journey capturing the wonders of the night sky with unparalleled clarity and precision. Illuminate the cosmos and transform your astrophotography into a breathtaking visual masterpiece. Explore the universe in stunning detail – all through the lens of our OIII Filter 52mm.

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