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ND Lens Filter ND2 ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 ND64 Canon Nikon Sony Camera

ND Lens Filter ND2 ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 ND64 Canon Nikon Sony Camera

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ND Lens Filters: Your Perfect Photography Companion

Overall Review

Discover the magic of light manipulation with our ND Filter Set. Designed for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras, these filters are your go-to solution for controlling exposure and achieving stunning visual effects in any environment.

Product Specification

  • Type: ND Filter Set (ND2, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64)
  • Available Sizes: 49MM, 52MM, 55MM, 58MM, 62MM, 67MM, 72MM, 77MM
  • Material: High-quality optical glass
  • Compatibility: SLR Cameras, Digital Cameras, Camcorders


  1. Versatile ND Levels: From ND2 to ND64, our filters offer a range of light reduction options to suit various lighting conditions and creative needs.
  2. Enhanced Control: Achieve slower shutter speeds under bright sunlight or widen your aperture effortlessly for captivating depth of field effects.
  3. Double Threaded Design: Allows stacking of multiple filters or attaching additional accessories, giving you more flexibility in your photography setup.
  4. Premium Optical Materials: Crafted from high-quality optical glass, our filters ensure clarity, color fidelity, and durability in every shot.
  5. Easy Compatibility: Compatible with all SLR, digital, and camcorder lenses, making them a versatile addition to any photographer's kit.


  • Landscape Photography: Capture stunning landscapes with smooth waterfalls and blurred motion effects.
  • Portrait Photography: Achieve beautiful bokeh and separate subjects from the background.
  • Street Photography: Control exposure in bright urban settings without compromising image quality.
  • Videography: Maintain cinematic control over exposure settings for professional-grade videos.

Why ND Filters?

ND filters, or Neutral Density filters, are indispensable tools for photographers and videographers alike due to their ability to control the amount of light entering the camera lens without affecting the color balance. Here are several key reasons why ND filters are essential:

  1. Control Over Exposure: ND filters reduce the amount of light reaching the camera sensor, allowing you to use wider apertures or slower shutter speeds in bright conditions. This is particularly useful in situations where you want to avoid overexposure without compromising the desired depth of field or motion blur effects.
  2. Long Exposure Photography: ND filters enable photographers to achieve long exposure effects even in daylight. This is ideal for capturing smooth waterfalls, silky water surfaces, or blurred motion of moving subjects while maintaining proper exposure.
  3. Creative Effects: They offer creative flexibility by enabling photographers to blur motion in a scene, such as capturing light trails of cars at night or blurring crowds of people in urban settings. This enhances artistic expression and allows for unique compositions.
  4. Maintaining Shallow Depth of Field: In bright conditions, using a wide aperture to achieve shallow depth of field can lead to overexposure. ND filters allow you to use larger apertures for creative bokeh effects while maintaining proper exposure levels.
  5. Video Filmmaking: ND filters are crucial for videographers to achieve cinematic motion blur effects or to maintain consistent shutter speeds in changing lighting conditions. This ensures smooth, professional-quality footage without overexposure.
  6. Balancing Exposures: They help balance exposures when shooting scenes with high contrast between light and shadow, such as bright skies and dark landscapes. By reducing the intensity of light, ND filters allow you to capture details in both bright and shadowed areas.
  7. Protection for Lenses: Beyond creative uses, ND filters also provide a physical barrier against dust, moisture, and scratches, protecting your valuable camera lenses.

In essence, ND filters are versatile accessories that enhance your creative control over light and exposure, making them indispensable for photographers and filmmakers looking to push the boundaries of their craft. Whether you're capturing dynamic landscapes, experimenting with long exposure techniques, or shooting cinematic videos, ND filters empower you to achieve professional-quality results with greater flexibility and creativity.

Order Yours Today!

Unleash your creativity and elevate your photography with our ND Filter Set. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a passionate beginner, these filters are your gateway to capturing moments with precision and artistic flair. Embrace the power of light control and transform your vision into timeless photographs. Grab your set today and embark on your photographic journey with confidence!


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