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Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filter For Sony APS-C Camera A6000 / A6100 / A6400 / A6500 / A6600 (MCUV / ND8 / ND64 / ND1000 / Light Pollution)

Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filter For Sony APS-C Camera A6000 / A6100 / A6400 / A6500 / A6600 (MCUV / ND8 / ND64 / ND1000 / Light Pollution)

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Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filter For Sony APS-C Camera A6000/A6100/A6400/A6500/A6600 (MCUV/ND8/ND64/ND1000/Light Pollution)

Explore the Versatility of Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filters

Transform your photography experience with the Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filters tailored for Sony APS-C cameras like the A6000, A6100, A6400, A6500, and A6600. Crafted from premium materials including optical glass and durable aluminum alloy, these filters are designed to enhance image quality while safeguarding your camera's sensor.

Features of Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filter

Protect your Sony APS-C camera's sensor and enhance your photography with Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filters designed for Sony A6000, A6100, A6400, A6500, and A6600 cameras.

Unmatched Features for Optimal Performance

Perfect Film Quality

  • Experience unparalleled image clarity with no vignetting, ensuring each shot is pristine and professional.

Comprehensive Lens Compatibility

  • Compatible with all Sony APS-C lenses, these filters offer versatility across various photographic scenarios.

Diverse Filter Options

  • The Kase includes MCUV for UV protection, ND8 for reducing light by 3 stops, ND64 for reducing light by 6 stops, ND1000 for extreme long exposures, and a Light Pollution filter for clear night skies.

Convenient Magnetic Installation

  • The innovative magnetic design allows for effortless attachment and removal, making filter swaps quick and hassle-free.

Compact and Lightweight Design

  • Weighing just a few grams, these filters are portable and easy to carry, ensuring minimal impact on your camera's handling.

Elevate Your Photography with Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filters

Precision Craftsmanship for Exceptional Results

  • Crafted from high-quality optical glass and robust aluminum alloy, Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filters ensure durability and superior optical performance. The multicoated glass minimizes reflections and enhances image clarity, delivering professional-grade results with every shot.

Tailored for Sony APS-C Cameras

  • Specifically designed for Sony APS-C cameras such as the A6000, A6100, A6400, A6500, and A6600, these filters seamlessly integrate into your photography workflow. Whether you're capturing landscapes, cityscapes, or astrophotography, Kase filters provide the versatility you need.

Comprehensive Filter 

  • The Kase includes essential filters to meet various shooting conditions:
    • MCUV Filter: Safeguards your lens from UV rays and moisture without affecting color balance.
    • ND8 Filter: Reduces light by 3 stops, ideal for moderate light control and achieving motion blur effects.
    • ND64 Filter: Cuts light by 6 stops for extended exposure times, perfect for bright conditions or achieving smooth water effects.
    • ND1000 Filter: Offers extreme light reduction by 10 stops, enabling long exposure photography even in broad daylight.
    • Light Pollution Filter: Filters out specific wavelengths of artificial light, preserving natural colors in nighttime photography.

Effortless Magnetic Attachment

  • Enjoy hassle-free filter changes with the magnetic attachment system. Simply align the filter with the magnetic ring and secure it in place. The robust magnetic connection ensures stability during use while allowing quick adjustments as needed.

Compact and Portable Design

  • Weighing only a few grams, Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filters are lightweight and easy to carry, ensuring minimal impact on your camera's portability and handling. The compact design also means you can keep them in your camera bag without adding bulk.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Ensure smooth setup with these simple steps:

  1. Prepare: Remove the lens from your Sony APS-C camera.
  2. Prime: Apply the included 3M primer to the magnetic attachment ring's back.
  3. Attach: Align and firmly attach the ring to the camera's CMOS front end.
  4. Secure: Align the Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filter with the magnetic ring and securely attach it.
  5. Adjust: Fine-tune the filter position to maintain balance and optimize performance.

Pro Tips for Optimal Use

  • Maintain Readiness: Keep the magnetic attachment ring on your camera for future filter use.
  • Positioning: Install the filter between the lens and camera connection to filter light effectively before it reaches the sensor.
  • Minimize Glare: Adjust your lens's focal length or angle to reduce glare caused by light refraction and reflection.

What's Included

  • 1 x Magnetic Clip-in Filter
  • 1 x Magnetic Adapter
  • 1 x Packing Box

Order Yours Today!

Unlock new possibilities in photography with the Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filters for Sony APS-C cameras. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiast exploring different photography genres, these filters provide the tools you need to capture stunning images with clarity, detail, and true-to-life colors. Elevate your photography and achieve your vision with Kase Magnetic Clip-in Filters.


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