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Kase Clip-in Filter For Fujifilm X-T3 / T4 / H1 / T30 / X-Pro3 ( MCUV / ND8 / ND16 / ND32 / ND64 / ND1000 / Neutral Night / Light Pollution )

Kase Clip-in Filter For Fujifilm X-T3 / T4 / H1 / T30 / X-Pro3 ( MCUV / ND8 / ND16 / ND32 / ND64 / ND1000 / Neutral Night / Light Pollution )

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Kase Clip-in Filter For Fujifilm X-T3 / T4 / H1 / T30 / X-Pro3 ( MCUV / ND8 / ND16 / ND32 / ND64 / ND1000 / Neutral Night / Light Pollution)

Protect Your Fujifilm X-Series Camera with Kase Clip-in Filters

Discover the versatility and convenience of the Kase Clip-in Filter designed for Fujifilm X-T3, X-T4, X-H1, X-T30, and X-Pro3 cameras. Engineered for photographers who demand precision and reliability, this compact filter kit ensures optimal performance while safeguarding your camera's sensor from external elements.

Seamless Integration and Superior Protection

Effortlessly clip the Kase filter onto your camera's CMOS sensor without obstructing lens or adapter mount functionalities. This innovative design not only protects the photosensitive element but also maintains consistent image quality under varying shooting conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Protection: Acts as a shield for the CMOS sensor and reduces the impact of dust, moisture, and scratches on your lens.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: Weighing only 1.8g, the filter is easy to transport and suitable for a wide range of photography scenarios.
  3. High-Definition Optics: Crafted from B270 optical glass with a waterproof and oil-proof coating, ensuring sharp and clear images with minimal distortion.


  • Material: B270 Optical Glass / 6063 Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 1.8g
  • Compatibility: Fujifilm X-T3 / X-T4 / X-H1 / X-T30 / X-Pro3

Package Includes:

  • Clip-in filter * 1
  • Installation instructions
  • Plastic inner box
  • Packing box

Why Choose Kase Clip-in Filters?

1. Versatility: With multiple filter options (MCUV, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, ND1000, Neutral Night, Light Pollution), Kase Clip-in Filters cater to a wide range of shooting conditions and photographic styles. From bright daylight to nighttime cityscapes, these filters adapt seamlessly to your needs.

2. Protection: Protect your camera's CMOS sensor from dust, moisture, and scratches without compromising image quality. The B270 optical glass construction ensures clarity and durability, while the waterproof and oil-proof coating repels contaminants.

3. Convenience: Designed for ease of use, the clip-in mechanism allows quick installation and removal without affecting lens attachments or adapter mounts. Compact and lightweight, these filters are travel-friendly and ready for any photographic adventure.

4. Image Quality: Experience sharpness and color accuracy in every shot with high-definition imaging technology. The multi-layer coating on the optical glass minimizes reflections and flare, delivering clear and vibrant images under challenging lighting conditions.

5. Professional Grade: Engineered for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike, Kase Clip-in Filters uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and performance. Whether you're capturing landscapes, portraits, or dynamic cityscapes, these filters enhance your ability to capture stunning visual stories.

MCUV / ND8 / ND16 / ND32 / ND64 / ND1000 / Neutral Night / Light Pollution

Here's an explanation of each type of filter commonly found in photography:

MCUV Filter (Multi-Coated UV Filter)

  • Function: The MCUV filter primarily serves as a protective barrier for the camera lens.
  • Purpose: It blocks ultraviolet (UV) light that can cause haziness or a blue cast in images, especially in landscapes or at high altitudes.
  • Benefits: Besides UV protection, it also reduces the risk of scratches, dust, and moisture on the lens surface.
  • Usage: Suitable for everyday photography where UV light may affect image quality.

ND Filters (Neutral Density Filters)

ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera lens without affecting color rendition. They come in different strengths:

  • ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64: These numbers indicate the amount of light that the filter blocks. For instance, ND8 reduces light by 3 stops, ND16 by 4 stops, ND32 by 5 stops, and ND64 by 6 stops.
  • Function: Used to achieve slower shutter speeds, particularly in bright conditions, which is beneficial for capturing motion blur in waterfalls or smoothing out movement in videos.
  • Applications: Ideal for landscape photography, long exposures in daylight, and videography under bright sunlight.

ND1000 Filter (10-Stop Neutral Density Filter)

  • Function: Blocks a significant amount of light (10 stops), allowing for very long exposures even in bright conditions.
  • Purpose: Enables creative effects such as motion blur of clouds or smoothing out water surfaces.
  • Usage: Preferred for long-exposure photography in daylight or when a very slow shutter speed is desired.

Neutral Night Filter

  • Function: Specifically designed to reduce light pollution from artificial sources, such as city lights or street lamps.
  • Purpose: Helps to maintain natural colors and clarity in night sky photography, reducing the orange or yellow cast caused by city lights.
  • Benefits: Enhances the visibility of stars and celestial objects in urban environments.
  • Usage: Essential for astrophotography in urban or light-polluted areas.

Light Pollution Filter

  • Function: Similar to Neutral Night filters, these filters reduce the effects of light pollution.
  • Purpose: Preserves natural colors and improves contrast by blocking specific wavelengths of artificial light.
  • Benefits: Enhances the visibility of stars and nebulae, particularly in suburban or mildly light-polluted areas.
  • Usage: Suitable for astrophotography where minimizing light pollution interference is crucial.

Each of these filters serves a specific purpose in photography, catering to different lighting conditions and creative needs. Choosing the right filter depends on the desired effect and the shooting environment, allowing photographers to achieve their artistic vision effectively.

Enhance Your Photography Today

Transform your Fujifilm X-Series camera into a versatile tool for creative expression with the Kase Clip-in Filter kit. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, these filters empower you to elevate your photography to new heights. Invest in Kase quality and unlock your camera's full potential with every click.


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