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Kase Clip-in Filter For Canon EOS R / R3 / R6 II / R7 / R8 / R10 Camera ( ND / Neutral Night / MCUV )

Kase Clip-in Filter For Canon EOS R / R3 / R6 II / R7 / R8 / R10 Camera ( ND / Neutral Night / MCUV )

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Kase Clip-in ND / Neutral Night / MCUV Filter For Canon EOS R / R3 / R6 II / R7 / R8 / R10 Camera

Upgrade your Canon EOS R series camera with the Kase Clip-in Filter set, designed for superior performance and versatility. Available in MCUV, ND8, ND64, ND1000, and Neutral Night options, these filters enhance your photography and videography experience across various shooting conditions.

Lightweight and Durable Design

Each filter weighs only 3.8g, making it extremely light and easy to carry. Crafted from shock-resistant B270 optical glass, these filters are built to withstand daily use while maintaining sharp image quality. The multi-layer coating ensures enhanced clarity and protection against water and oil.

Compatibility with Canon EOS R Series

These clip-in filters are designed for seamless integration with Canon EOS R, R3, R6 II, R7, R8, and R10 cameras. They can be installed in front of the camera’s photosensitive element (CMOS) without affecting the functionality of the lens or adapter mount.


Versatile Shooting Capabilities

The clip-in filters allow you to shoot long exposures, capture clear night photographs, and improve video shooting with any lens, including telephoto zoom, super wide angle, and fisheye lenses.

High-Quality Optical Performance

Made from B270 optical glass with a multi-layer coating, these filters provide sharp and clear images, enhancing the overall quality of your photos and videos.

Easy Installation and Removal

Smart tools included in the package make the installation and removal of the filters simple and quick. The tools help prevent dirt and fingerprints on the filter, ensuring a clean and clear view for your shots.

Comprehensive Filter Options

MCUV Filter

The Multi-Coated Ultra Violet (MCUV) filter reduces ultraviolet light, helping to eliminate the bluish cast in outdoor shots, resulting in clearer and more vibrant images.

ND8 Filter

The ND8 filter reduces light by 3 stops, making it ideal for shooting in bright conditions, allowing for slower shutter speeds and wider apertures.

ND64 Filter

With the ND64 filter, you can reduce light by 6 stops, perfect for long exposure photography and achieving smooth, dynamic effects in your images.

ND1000 Filter

The ND1000 filter provides a 10-stop light reduction, ideal for extreme long exposures. Capture ethereal landscapes and silky water effects with ease.

Neutral Night Filter

Designed to reduce light pollution, the Neutral Night filter enhances night photography by minimizing the yellowish cast from artificial lights, allowing for clearer and more detailed nightscapes.

Why Choose Kase Clip-in Filters for Canon EOS R Series?

Opting for the Kase Clip-in Filter set offers numerous advantages for photographers and videographers:

Easy to Carry and Use

The lightweight design, at just 3.8g per filter, ensures you can easily carry these filters with you wherever you go. The smart tools provided make installation and removal hassle-free, allowing you to switch between filters quickly to adapt to changing shooting conditions.

Enhanced Image Quality

The use of high-quality B270 optical glass with multi-layer coatings guarantees sharp and clear images. The filters reduce unwanted light effects, such as ultraviolet rays and light pollution, ensuring your photos and videos are of the highest quality.

Durability and Protection

The shock-resistant nature of the B270 optical glass ensures that the filters are durable and can withstand the rigors of daily use. They also act as a protective layer for the camera's CMOS sensor, safeguarding it from potential damage.

Ideal for Various Photography Scenarios

Whether you are shooting landscapes, cityscapes, night scenes, or videos, the Kase Clip-in Filters provide the versatility needed to handle different scenarios effectively. From reducing light for long exposures to eliminating light pollution for night shots, these filters enhance your creative possibilities.

Perfect for Professionals and Enthusiasts

Whether you are a professional photographer or a passionate enthusiast, the Kase Clip-in Filter set for Canon EOS R series cameras offers the tools you need to take your photography and videography to the next level.

Package Contents

  • Clip-in filter x1
  • Removal tool
  • Installation instruction
  • Plastic inner box
  • Packing box

Elevate your Canon EOS R series camera's capabilities with the Kase Clip-in Filter set and achieve stunning results in all your photography and videography projects.


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