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Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit for Sony Alpha Camera ND / MCUV / Dream / Neutral Night

Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit for Sony Alpha Camera ND / MCUV / Dream / Neutral Night

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Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit for Sony Alpha Camera ND / MCUV / Dream / Neutral Night

Discover the versatility of the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit, tailored for Sony Alpha cameras, featuring ND, MCUV, Dream, and Neutral Night filters for optimal photographic control.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Performance

Effortlessly install these clip-in filters directly in front of your Sony Alpha camera's CMOS sensor. This integration preserves the functionality of the lens and adapter mount while safeguarding the light-reducing element and acting as a protective mirror for the CMOS sensor.

Lightweight and Durable Design

Weighing only 3.3g, each Kase Clip-in Filter is lightweight and compact, ensuring easy handling and portability across diverse shooting scenarios. Crafted from B270 optical glass with a waterproof and oil-proof coating, these filters deliver high-definition imaging with reduced reflections.

Key Features

  • Optical Clarity: B270 optical glass ensures sharp, clear images with minimal distortion and maximum light transmission.
  • Comprehensive Filter Options: Includes MCUV for UV protection, ND filters for exposure control, Dream for artistic effects, and Neutral Night for enhanced low-light photography.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Designed for straightforward clip-in installation, supported by a 4 in 1 Magnetic Storage Box for convenient organization and protection.


  • Material: B270 Optical Glass / 6063 Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 3.3g
  • Compatibility: Sony A9 / A9 II, A7R / A7R II / A7R III / A7R IV, A7 / A7 II / A7 III / A7 IV, A7S / A7S II / A7S III, A7C, FX3, A1

Package Contents

  • Clip-in filter * 4
  • 4 in 1 Magnetic Storage Box

Why Choose Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit for Sony Alpha?

Designed specifically for Sony Alpha cameras, the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit offers photographers a comprehensive set of filters essential for achieving precise control over light and creative effects. Here are more reasons to choose this versatile kit:

  1. Enhanced Image Quality: Utilizing B270 optical glass with advanced coatings, these filters ensure high-definition imaging with minimal reflections, preserving the sharpness and clarity of your photos.
  2. Optimal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Sony Alpha models including A9, A9 II, A7R series, A7 series, A7S series, A7C, FX3, and A1. This kit allows seamless integration without compromising on camera functionality.
  3. Convenient Portability: Weighing only 3.3g per filter, the kit is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for travel, outdoor, and studio photography.
  4. Versatile Applications: Whether you're shooting landscapes, portraits, or capturing under low-light conditions, the kit includes MCUV for protection, ND filters for exposure control, Dream filter for artistic effects, and Neutral Night filter for enhanced night photography.
  5. User-Friendly Design: The clip-in installation method ensures quick setup and removal, supported by a 4 in 1 Magnetic Storage Box that keeps your filters organized and secure.

ND / MCUV / Dream / Neutral Night

Here's an explanation of each type of filter included in the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit for Sony Alpha cameras:

ND (Neutral Density) Filter

Purpose: ND filters are designed to reduce the amount of light entering the camera lens without affecting color reproduction. They allow photographers to achieve longer exposure times or wider apertures in bright conditions, enabling creative effects such as motion blur in moving subjects or shallow depth of field in bright sunlight.

Common Uses:

  • Long Exposure Photography: Enables capturing smooth waterfalls, blurred motion in landscapes, or light trails in urban settings.
  • Portraiture: Allows for wider apertures while maintaining correct exposure in bright light, achieving a shallow depth of field and separating the subject from the background.

MCUV (Multi-Coated UV) Filter

Purpose: MCUV filters primarily serve as protective filters for the camera lens. They block ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause haziness and reduce sharpness in photographs, especially in high-altitude and coastal environments where UV radiation is more intense.

Common Uses:

  • Lens Protection: Guards the lens against dust, moisture, scratches, and fingerprints without affecting image quality.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Improves overall image sharpness and contrast by reducing the impact of UV light.

Dream Filter

Purpose: Dream filters, also known as diffusion or soft-focus filters, are used to add a dreamy, soft-focus effect to photographs. They create a gentle blur and reduce the appearance of fine details, giving images a soft and ethereal quality.

Common Uses:

  • Portrait Photography: Softens skin tones and reduces blemishes, creating a flattering and romanticized look.
  • Landscape Photography: Adds a dreamy atmosphere by softening harsh details and creating a more artistic interpretation of the scene.

Neutral Night Filter

Purpose: Neutral Night filters are specifically designed for low-light photography, reducing light pollution and enhancing contrast and color saturation in nighttime scenes. They help capture clearer images of stars, cityscapes, and other low-light subjects.

Common Uses:

  • Astrophotography: Minimizes light pollution from urban environments, allowing clearer views of stars and celestial bodies.
  • Urban Nightscapes: Enhances contrast and reduces glare from artificial lighting, capturing the ambiance of city streets and landmarks.

Each type of filter included in the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit offers distinct advantages and enhances your creative control over photography. Whether you're looking to protect your lens, control exposure, create artistic effects, or capture stunning night scenes, these filters provide essential tools for achieving professional-quality results with your Sony Alpha camera.


This filter kit is compatible with Sony Alpha models A9, A9 II, A7R series, A7 series, A7S series, A7C, FX3, and A1. It is not compatible with Sony models A6000, A6100, A6400, A6500, and A6600.

Equip your Sony Alpha camera with the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit to achieve superior image quality and creative versatility in every shot. Perfect for professional photographers and enthusiasts seeking reliable performance in various photographic conditions.


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