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Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit For Canon R7 / R10 Camera

Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit For Canon R7 / R10 Camera

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Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit For Canon R7 / R10 Camera

Enhance your Canon R7 and R10 camera performance with the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit. This comprehensive filter set includes MCUV, ND8, ND64, and Neutral Night filters, tailored to meet various photography and videography needs.

Lightweight and Durable Design

Weighing only 3.8g each, these clip-in filters are extremely lightweight, ensuring they don't add unnecessary bulk to your camera setup. Made from shock-resistant B270 optical glass and featuring a multi-layer coating, these filters are built to last while delivering sharp, high-quality images.

Compatibility with Canon R7 and R10

Designed specifically for Canon R7 and R10 cameras, these filters can be installed in front of the photosensitive element (CMOS) without affecting the operation of the lens or adapter mount. They provide seamless integration with your camera equipment.


Versatile Shooting Capabilities

The Kase Clip-in Filters allow you to shoot long exposures, capture clear night photographs, and improve video quality across various lenses, including telephoto zoom, super wide angle, and fisheye lenses.

High-Quality Optical Performance

Crafted from B270 optical glass, these filters feature a multi-layer coating that enhances image clarity and provides protection against water, oil, and scratches. The filters ensure sharp and vibrant images, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Easy Installation and Removal

Smart tools included in the package facilitate easy installation and removal of the filters, preventing dirt and fingerprints from contaminating the filter surface.

Comprehensive Filter Options

MCUV Filter

The Multi-Coated Ultra Violet (MCUV) filter reduces ultraviolet light, eliminating bluish casts and resulting in clearer outdoor shots.

ND8 Filter

The ND8 filter reduces light by 3 stops, perfect for shooting in bright conditions, allowing for slower shutter speeds and wider apertures.

ND64 Filter

With the ND64 filter, you can reduce light by 6 stops, ideal for long exposure photography and creating smooth, dynamic effects in your images.

Neutral Night Filter

Designed to reduce light pollution, the Neutral Night filter enhances night photography by minimizing the yellowish cast from artificial lights, allowing for clearer and more detailed nightscapes.

Package Contents

  • Clip-in filter x4
  • Removal tool
  • Installation instruction
  • All-in-1 magnetic box
  • Packing box

Why Choose Kase Clip-in Filters for Canon R7 and R10?

Opt for the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit to enhance your photography with superior image quality and versatility. These filters provide the performance and protection you need to handle various shooting scenarios effectively.

Ideal for Various Photography Scenarios

The Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit is perfect for diverse photography styles, from landscapes and cityscapes to night photography and videography. The variety of filters included allows you to adapt to different lighting conditions and creative needs, ensuring you capture the best possible images.

Versatile and Reliable

Whether you're capturing long exposures, reducing glare and reflections, or enhancing night scenes, the Kase Clip-in Filters provide the versatility required for any shooting situation. These filters work seamlessly with all types of lenses, including telephoto zoom, super wide-angle, and fisheye lenses.

Enhanced Night Photography

The Neutral Night filter is specifically designed to improve night photography by reducing light pollution. This filter minimizes the yellowish casts from artificial lights, ensuring clear and detailed nightscapes.

High-Quality Materials and Construction

Each filter in the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit is made from high-quality B270 optical glass, known for its high-definition imaging capabilities. The multi-layer coating provides additional protection against water, oil, and scratches, ensuring durability and longevity.

Customer Satisfaction

Kase is dedicated to providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Each filter set undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards, offering reliability and peace of mind to photographers and videographers.

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Optimize your Canon R7 and R10 cameras with the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit. This versatile, lightweight, and durable filter set enhances your camera's capabilities, allowing you to capture stunning, high-quality images in various scenarios. Invest in the Kase Clip-in Filter Kit to achieve professional-level photography results with ease and precision.

Upgrade your camera gear today and take your photography to new heights with the Kase Clip-in Filter 4 in 1 Kit.


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