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Kaleidoscope Special Effect Camera Lens Filter 77mm

Kaleidoscope Special Effect Camera Lens Filter 77mm

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Kaleidoscope Special Effect Camera Lens Filter 77mm


  • Creative Photography Accessory: The Kaleidoscope Special Effect Camera Lens Filter 77mm is designed for DSLR and SLR cameras, offering unique prism filter glass that enhances creativity in photography.
  • Various Prism Effects: This filter includes a variety of prism effects such as 4 Plus 1 Prism, 8-Edge Prism, new Kaleidoscope, 2-Edge Prism, 6-Edge Prism, 3-Edge Prism, Kaleidoscope Prism, 5-Edge Prism, Linear Prism, and Halo FX Prism. Each prism effect adds a distinctive visual element to your photos, creating mesmerizing patterns and reflections.
  • Glare Effect: The filter produces flares and glares when light sources are present in the frame, adding dynamic and artistic flair to your images. It captures light in a way that transforms ordinary scenes into visually captivating compositions.
  • Quality Construction: Crafted from high-quality prism filter glass, this accessory ensures durability and optical clarity. It is designed to withstand regular use while maintaining its effectiveness in producing stunning visual effects.


  • Filter Size: 77mm diameter, suitable for lenses with a corresponding filter thread size.
  • Prism Effects: Includes multiple prism options to experiment with various light refraction patterns and artistic distortions.
  • Material: Constructed with premium prism filter glass that maintains clarity and resists scratches and impacts.
  • Packaging: Available in a protective box or plastic box packaging, ensuring safe storage and transport. The package includes a filter cloth for cleaning and a carrying pouch for convenient portability.


The Kaleidoscope Special Effect Camera Lens Filter 77mm is ideal for photographers looking to add a creative edge to their photography. It finds applications in:

  • Portrait Photography: Create unique and artistic portraits with ethereal light patterns and reflections.
  • Landscape Photography: Enhance landscapes by introducing dynamic light effects and visual distortions.
  • Creative Projects: Perfect for experimental and artistic photography projects where unique visual effects are desired.
  • Special Occasions: Capture memorable moments with a distinctive and personalized artistic touch.

Package Contents

  • Filter: Kaleidoscope Special Effect Camera Lens Filter 77mm
  • Cleaning Cloth: Microfiber cloth included for maintaining the cleanliness of the filter glass.
  • Carrying Pouch: Protective pouch for safe storage and easy transport of the filter.

Effect 1: Kaleidoscope

Example: When using a kaleidoscope filter, multiple reflections and symmetrical patterns are created within the frame. This effect splits the image into several mirrored sections, resembling the view through a traditional kaleidoscope toy. It transforms ordinary scenes into intricate, geometric compositions filled with repeating patterns and vibrant colors.

Effect 2: Dream FX filters

Example: Dream FX filters soften and blur the image, creating a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere. These filters are often used in portrait photography to achieve a soft focus effect that enhances the subject's appearance by smoothing out skin imperfections and reducing harsh details in the background. The result is a romantic and nostalgic quality that adds a surrealistic touch to the photograph.

Effect 3: Linear Prism FX Filter

Example: A linear prism filter bends and refracts light, creating elongated streaks or flares that radiate from light sources within the frame. This effect adds dynamic visual interest by introducing linear distortions that can be strategically placed to enhance composition or draw attention to specific elements in the photograph.

Effect 4: Flare FX Filters

Example: Flare FX filters introduce lens flares or halo effects around bright light sources, such as the sun or artificial lights. These filters create dramatic and artistic effects by scattering light within the lens, producing glowing orbs or streaks that add a cinematic quality to the image. Photographers often use flare FX filters to evoke mood and atmosphere in their photos.

Effect 5: Split Subtle Kaleidoscope

Example: A split subtle kaleidoscope filter combines the kaleidoscope effect with a more subtle application, creating fragmented reflections or symmetrical patterns that subtly distort parts of the image. This effect adds a touch of whimsy and abstraction to the photograph while preserving the overall composition's integrity.

Effect 6: Centerfield Split Diopter FX Filter

Example: The centerfield split diopter filter splits the focus plane of the image, allowing both near and distant subjects to be in focus simultaneously. This effect is often used in cinematography to emphasize two separate elements within the frame, creating a visual tension or narrative contrast between foreground and background subjects.

Effect 7: Full-crystal filter

Example: A full-crystal filter adds a sparkling, crystal-like texture to the entire image, enhancing clarity and introducing subtle light reflections. This effect mimics the appearance of shooting through a crystalline surface, adding a glossy sheen and depth to the photograph while maintaining natural colors and details.

These effects showcase the versatility and artistic potential of using specialized camera lens filters like the Kaleidoscope Special Effect Camera Lens Filter 77mm. Each effect offers photographers unique opportunities to experiment with light, color, and composition, allowing for creative expression and innovative visual storytelling in photography.

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Explore new dimensions of creativity with the Kaleidoscope Special Effect Camera Lens Filter 77mm. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a beginner exploring photography as an art form, this filter unlocks endless possibilities for innovative and visually striking compositions. Add it to your photography gear today and transform everyday scenes into extraordinary visual masterpieces.


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