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K&F CONCEPT ND2 to ND400 ND Lens Filter Adjustable Variable 49mm 52mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 77mm

K&F CONCEPT ND2 to ND400 ND Lens Filter Adjustable Variable 49mm 52mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 77mm

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K&F CONCEPT ND2 to ND400 Adjustable ND Lens Filter

Elevate your photography game with the K&F CONCEPT ND2 to ND400 Adjustable ND Lens Filter, a versatile tool designed to unleash your creative potential. Whether you're a professional photographer or a passionate enthusiast, this filter offers unparalleled control over light exposure, making it an essential addition to your gear.

Product Specifications

Crafted by K&F CONCEPT, renowned for high-quality optical products, this variable fader ND filter comes in a wide range of sizes from 37mm to 82mm. It's built with precision using professional optical glass, ensuring clarity and durability in every shot.


  • Adjustable ND Range: From ND2 to ND400, smoothly control light reduction with a single filter, allowing flexibility in various lighting conditions without affecting color fidelity.
  • Enhanced Photography Effects: Ideal for achieving longer exposure times, perfect for capturing flowing rivers, majestic waterfalls, and dynamic scenes with a blurred motion effect.
  • Slim and Lightweight Design: The ultra-slim frame minimizes vignetting and is constructed with a CNC ring for durability, ensuring optimal performance without compromising image quality.
  • Optional Coatings: Choose between a standard filter or one with 18 multi-layer coatings for enhanced light transmission and reduced reflections, delivering pristine images in any environment.


  • Landscape Photography: Capture stunning landscapes with enhanced detail and vivid colors, even under bright sunlight.
  • Long Exposure Shots: Achieve artistic effects like smooth water surfaces and streaked clouds, ideal for adding drama and depth to your compositions.
  • Portrait Photography: Control depth of field to isolate subjects against blurred backgrounds, enhancing visual impact and professionalism.

Overall Review

Photographers worldwide rely on the K&F CONCEPT ND2 to ND400 Adjustable ND Lens Filter for its superior build quality, innovative design, and ability to enhance photographic creativity. Whether you're shooting nature, urban scenes, or portraits, this filter empowers you to control light effectively and achieve professional-quality results with ease.

Why Choose K&F CONCEPT?

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, K&F CONCEPT continues to set the standard for optical accessories in photography. Invest in the ND2 to ND400 Adjustable ND Lens Filter and discover new dimensions of photography, where every shot becomes a masterpiece.

Why ND Filters Are Essential

In the world of photography, ND (Neutral Density) filters are indispensable tools that every photographer should have in their kit. Here's why:

1. Control Over Light: ND filters allow photographers to control the amount of light entering the camera lens without affecting color reproduction. This is crucial in situations where the available light is too bright, enabling you to use wider apertures or longer shutter speeds.

2. Versatility Across Genres: From landscape photography to portraits and beyond, ND filters offer versatility in various shooting conditions. They enable you to capture long exposure shots of flowing water, smooth out motion in bustling city scenes, and achieve beautiful bokeh in portrait photography.

3. Creative Effects: ND filters unlock a world of creative possibilities by allowing you to manipulate exposure settings. You can create dramatic effects like silky smooth waterfalls or streaked clouds, enhancing the visual impact and storytelling of your images.

4. Maintain Image Quality: High-quality ND filters, like those from K&F CONCEPT, are crafted from premium optical glass and designed to preserve image sharpness and clarity. They minimize artifacts such as vignetting and color shifts, ensuring your photos retain their natural beauty.

5. Essential Gear for Professionals: For professional photographers and enthusiasts alike, ND filters are essential gear that enhances the quality and creativity of their work. They provide precise control over exposure, allowing for consistent results in diverse shooting environments.

Whether you're capturing the serenity of nature, the vibrancy of city life, or the intimacy of portraits, ND filters empower you to take your photography to the next level. Invest in a K&F CONCEPT ND2 to ND400 Adjustable ND Lens Filter today and discover how it can transform your photography, giving you the tools to create stunning images that resonate with viewers.

Expand your creative horizons with K&F CONCEPT ND filters—where innovation meets excellence, and every shot tells a story. Explore the possibilities, harness the power of light, and capture moments with unparalleled clarity and depth.


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