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K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 1/8 Camera Lens Filter

K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 1/8 Camera Lens Filter

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K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 1/8 Lens Filter

Discover the innovative K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 1/8 Camera Lens Filter, a cutting-edge accessory designed to revolutionize your photography and videography experience. Engineered with precision and crafted for versatility, this filter combines advanced technology with practical design elements to enhance your creative vision.

Features and Specifications

  • 1 Second Swap & Install: Unlike traditional threaded filters, the K&F Concept magnetic lens filter allows for seamless installation in less than one second. This innovative magnetic system ensures quick and hassle-free setup, perfect for capturing spontaneous moments without fumbling with frozen hands in cold weather.
  • 28 Multi-Layer Coatings: Each filter is constructed from AGC High Definition Premium Optical glass with double-side multicoating. This advanced design eliminates chromatic aberration (color shift) and provides additional benefits such as hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, and oil-proof properties. Enjoy a perfect photography experience while safeguarding your lens from various environmental factors.
  • Professional Filter for Portrait Photography: Tailored specifically for portrait photography, the Black Mist 1/4 or 1/8 filter excels in softening facial features such as wrinkles, freckles, and pores. This enhancement results in smoother, more delicate skin tones with a subtle, dreamy film effect. The filter's double polishing process ensures ultra-high definition image quality, maintaining clarity even at a focal length of 550mm. It is particularly recommended for video shooting to achieve cinematic results.


The K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion Lens Filter is ideal for a wide range of applications:

  • Portrait Photography: Enhances portrait sessions by softening skin imperfections and creating a pleasing, ethereal atmosphere.
  • Video Production: Perfect for video shoots where a cinematic, hazy effect is desired to evoke mood and ambiance.
  • Low-Light Conditions: Mitigates harsh lighting conditions by diffusing light and reducing contrast, resulting in balanced exposures and enhanced details.

Ultra Slim Frame

  • Slim Design: Featuring an ultra-slim frame ranging from 1.9mm to 3.5mm, the filter ensures no vignetting or dark corners, even on wide-angle lenses with a 16mm focal length. The CNC non-slip system frame facilitates easy installation and removal, while the aviation-grade aluminum alloy magnetic lens cover offers a dual-functionality of both magnetic and threaded attachment options.

Magentic Filter

Magnetic filters, such as the K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 1/8 Lens Filter, offer a host of benefits that cater to both convenience and enhanced photography capabilities. These innovative accessories are designed to streamline the process of attaching and using filters on camera lenses. Here’s an in-depth exploration of the advantages they bring to photographers:

Quick and Effortless Installation

The primary advantage of magnetic filters lies in their swift and straightforward installation process. Unlike traditional screw-on filters that require careful threading, magnetic filters utilize a magnetic attachment system. This allows photographers to quickly attach or detach filters with a simple snap-on mechanism. In fast-paced shooting scenarios, such as capturing fleeting moments or adjusting to changing light conditions, this feature ensures that photographers can seamlessly adapt their equipment without missing crucial shots.

No Thread Binding or Cross-threading

One common issue with traditional screw-on filters is the potential for thread binding or cross-threading, especially when changing filters frequently. Magnetic filters eliminate this concern entirely. By relying on a magnetic interface rather than screw threads, the risk of damaging the lens or filter due to improper attachment is significantly reduced. This durability factor not only protects the equipment but also enhances the overall user experience by providing a reliable and secure attachment method.

Compatibility Across Multiple Lenses

Another notable benefit of magnetic filters is their compatibility across various lenses with different thread sizes. Instead of needing separate filters for each lens diameter, photographers can use one magnetic filter with multiple lenses by simply attaching the appropriate magnetic adapter ring to each lens. This versatility simplifies gear management and reduces the need for carrying multiple filters, making it a cost-effective solution for photographers who work with multiple lenses.

Slim Design with No Vignetting

Modern magnetic filters, such as those offered by K&F Concept, are engineered with ultra-slim frames. This design ensures that the filter does not cause vignetting, even on wide-angle lenses with focal lengths as short as 16mm. The low-profile frame maintains the integrity of the lens's field of view, allowing photographers to capture expansive landscapes or tight compositions without any darkening at the edges of the frame. This feature is particularly advantageous for photographers who prioritize image quality and require consistent performance across different focal lengths.

Enhanced Portability and Storage

The compact and lightweight nature of magnetic filters contributes to their portability. They take up minimal space in camera bags or gear kits, making them easy to transport and store. Additionally, magnetic filters often come with protective cases or pouches that safeguard them from dust, scratches, and impacts during travel or storage. This durability ensures that the filters remain in optimal condition for extended periods, providing long-term value and reliability to photographers.

Versatility in Creative Applications

Beyond their practical advantages, magnetic filters offer versatility in creative applications. Whether used for landscape photography, portrait sessions, or video production, these filters enable photographers to experiment with various optical effects and enhancements. For instance, the K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 1/8 Lens Filter is specifically designed to soften facial features in portraits and achieve a cinematic haze effect in videos. This creative flexibility empowers photographers to explore different styles and genres, enriching their artistic expression without compromising on image quality.

Package Contents

Each package includes:

  • 1 x NANO-X Black Mist Filter (1/4 or 1/8 Optional)
  • 1 x Magnetic Ring
  • 1 x Magnetic Metal Upper Cover


Q: Will the black soft filter have the same dimming effect as CPL?

A: The black soft filter does not diminish light like a CPL. Instead, it spreads light to create a hazy movie effect, adding warmth and depth to dim scenes.

Q: What is included in the kit?

A: Each kit includes 1 magnetic attachment ring, 1 magnetic black mist filter, and 1 magnetic lens cap.

Q: Can the lens cap be directly attached to the lens?

A: Yes, the threaded lens cover can be directly screwed onto the lens or magnetically attached using the magnetic attachment ring or filter, offering a convenient two-in-one function.

Q: How is the filter installed on the lens?

A: First, install the magnetic attachment ring on the lens, then attach the filter to the magnetic attachment for quick and secure installation.

Q: Can I install the filter without a magnetic attachment ring?

A: No, the magnetic adapter ring must be installed first to attach the filter securely.

Q: How do I choose the right filter size for my lens?

A: Check the diameter of your lens, typically marked next to the ø symbol on the lens barrel, to ensure compatibility with the filter size.

K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion Lens Filter

The K&F Concept Magnetic Black Mist Diffusion 1/4 1/8 Lens Filter is a game-changer for photographers and videographers seeking to elevate their creative output. With its rapid magnetic installation, high-definition optical glass construction, and ability to enhance portraits and cinematic effects, this filter is a must-have tool in any professional or enthusiast's kit. 

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