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JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case for 10 Circular Filters

JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case for 10 Circular Filters

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The JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case for 10 Circular Filters offers photographers a reliable and organized solution for storing their valuable lens filters. Designed to accommodate up to ten circular filters, including sizes up to 95mm, this pouch ensures that your filters are protected from dust, shock, and water splashes. Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast, this pouch enhances the safety and accessibility of your filters during photography sessions.


High Capacity Storage

The JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case is capable of holding up to ten circular filters, making it suitable for photographers who require a variety of filters for different shooting conditions. It can accommodate filters up to 95mm in size, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of lens types and filter specifications.

Dustproof and Waterproof Protection

Constructed with a durable EVA exterior and featuring a reinforcing rib design, this filter pouch provides robust protection against dust, shock, and water splashes. The sturdy materials shield your filters from external elements, allowing you to use them confidently in diverse environmental conditions without compromising on performance.

Premium EVA Material

The exterior of the pouch is crafted from premium EVA material, known for its shock absorption properties. This ensures that your filters are cushioned against impacts, reducing the risk of damage during transportation or accidental drops. The sturdy construction of the pouch enhances longevity, providing reliable protection for your filters over time.

Wide Zipper Closure

Equipped with a wide zipper closure, the pouch facilitates easy access to all stored filters. The smooth-operating zipper allows you to open and close the pouch effortlessly, enabling quick filter changes and adjustments during photo shoots. This feature enhances workflow efficiency, ensuring that you can adapt to changing shooting conditions without delays.

Microfiber Accordion Liner Pockets

Inside the pouch, microfiber-lined accordion pockets feature ten independent slots, each designed to securely hold a filter. The microfiber lining prevents filters from touching each other, minimizing the risk of scratches and ensuring that each filter remains in pristine condition. This organizational feature keeps your filters well-organized and readily accessible, allowing you to locate the desired filter with ease.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Despite its high capacity, the JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case boasts a compact and lightweight design. This makes it easy to carry in a camera backpack or bag, ensuring that your filters are always within reach without adding bulk to your gear. The portable nature of the pouch enhances mobility during outdoor photography sessions or travel, providing convenience for photographers on the move.

Included Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

As an added bonus, the pouch comes with a vacuum-packaged microfiber cleaning cloth. This cloth is designed to effectively remove dust, fingerprints, and oil smudges from your filters and lenses without leaving residues. It helps maintain the optical clarity of your filters, ensuring that they consistently deliver high-quality results during photography sessions.


  • Type: Lens Filter Pouch Case
  • Material: Premium EVA exterior, Microfiber interior
  • Capacity: Holds up to 10 circular filters (up to 95mm in diameter)
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions:
    • Big Size: Holds filters up to 95mm diameter
    • Small Size: Holds filters up to 67mm diameter
  • Closure: Wide zipper closure
  • Weight: Compact and lightweight design


Professional Photography

Professional photographers benefit from the JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case's ability to securely store and protect multiple filters. Whether shooting landscapes, portraits, or events, the pouch ensures that filters are readily accessible for quick adjustments to lighting conditions or creative effects. Its dustproof and waterproof properties make it suitable for use in various outdoor and studio environments.

Outdoor and Travel Photography

For outdoor and travel photographers, this filter pouch provides essential protection against environmental elements such as dust and water splashes. Its compact design and durable construction allow photographers to carry essential filters securely while exploring diverse locations. The included microfiber cleaning cloth aids in maintaining filter cleanliness, ensuring optimal performance throughout extended photography sessions.

Amateur Photography

Amateur photographers appreciate the simplicity and functionality of the JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case. It simplifies the organization of filters, allowing beginners to experiment with different filter effects without the hassle of handling multiple cases. The compact size and lightweight design make it an ideal companion for enthusiasts exploring photography as a hobby, offering convenience and protection for essential gear.

Package Contents

When you purchase the JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case, you will receive:

  • 1x Lens Filter Pouch Case: Designed to hold and protect up to 10 circular lens filters, ensuring safe storage and easy access.
  • 1x Vacuum-Packaged Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Helps maintain the cleanliness and clarity of filters and lenses.

Order Today

The JJC Lens Filter Pouch Case for 10 Circular Filters is an indispensable accessory for photographers seeking efficient filter organization and protection. Its durable construction, high-capacity storage, dustproof and waterproof features, and included microfiber cleaning cloth enhance the functionality and longevity of your valuable lens filters. Invest in this pouch to streamline your photography workflow and ensure that your filters are always secure and ready for use in any photographic endeavor.


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