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H Alpha Filter 72mm

H Alpha Filter 72mm

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H-Alpha Filter 72mm: Precision Redefined

Embark on a journey through the cosmos with the H-Alpha Filter 72mm, crafted to elevate your astrophotography to new heights of clarity and detail. Engineered with cutting-edge optics and designed for precision, this filter is your gateway to capturing the mesmerizing beauty of nebulae, ionized hydrogen, and other deep-sky wonders with unparalleled accuracy.


The H-Alpha Camera Lens Filter is meticulously engineered to isolate the H-Alpha wavelength at 656nm with an ultra-narrow 20nm bandwidth. This specialized design allows astrophotographers to reveal intricate details of celestial objects that are typically invisible to the naked eye or standard camera lenses, making it an essential tool for exploring the cosmos with remarkable precision.

Why Choose the H Alpha Filter ?

Choosing an H-alpha filter typically revolves around astrophotography and astronomy, particularly for observing or photographing specific wavelengths of light emitted by hydrogen atoms. Here are several reasons why astronomers and astrophotographers might choose an H-alpha filter:

  1. Narrowband Imaging: H-alpha filters isolate a very narrow band of light centered around the 656.3 nm wavelength, which corresponds to the red part of the spectrum. This narrow bandwidth helps in capturing detailed images of hydrogen-emitting nebulae, such as the Orion Nebula or the North America Nebula.
  2. Enhanced Contrast: H-alpha filters enhance the contrast between hydrogen-rich regions (like emission nebulae) and the surrounding space. This is particularly useful for revealing intricate details within these regions that might otherwise be washed out in broader spectrum imaging.
  3. Suppressing Light Pollution: H-alpha filters can help mitigate the effects of light pollution, focusing on the specific wavelength emitted by hydrogen atoms and reducing the impact of other wavelengths emitted by artificial lights.
  4. Deep Sky Observations: For amateur and professional astronomers alike, H-alpha filters allow for deeper observations of faint hydrogen-emitting structures in space, enhancing the visibility and clarity of these features.
  5. Hydrogen Alpha Astronomy: Specific scientific research, such as studying the dynamics and distribution of ionized hydrogen in space, requires precise imaging and spectroscopy that can be facilitated by H-alpha filters.
  6. Astrophotography Applications: H-alpha filters are crucial tools for astrophotographers aiming to capture detailed, high-resolution images of nebulae, supernova remnants, and other hydrogen-rich celestial objects.

In summary, the choice of an H-alpha filter is driven by its ability to isolate and enhance the visibility of hydrogen emission, enabling detailed imaging and observational studies of specific astronomical phenomena.

Product Specification

  • Model: H-Alpha Emission Filter
  • Wavelength: 656nm
  • Bandwidth: 20nm
  • Filter Type: Narrow Band Pass
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various camera and telescope setups
  • Included Accessories: Frame for stability during astrophotography sessions
  • Craftsmanship: Precision optics ensure exceptional performance


  • Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth: Isolates the H-Alpha emission line for minimal interference and sharper, more detailed astro-images.
  • Enhanced Contrast: Amplifies contrast and clarity by filtering out unwanted light pollution, revealing intricate details of nebulae and ionized hydrogen.
  • Light Pollution Reduction: Effectively combats light pollution, enhancing visibility of celestial objects and reducing urban light interference.
  • Versatility: Compatible with diverse camera and telescope configurations, ensuring reliable performance across various setups.
  • Stability: Includes a frame for added stability during astrophotography sessions, ensuring precise alignment and optimal image quality.
  • Professional-Grade Performance: Crafted with precision optics for professional-level astrophotography results.
H-Alpha Filter for Camera Lens


Ideal for:

  • Astrophotography: Capture stunning images of nebulae, galaxies, and star-forming regions with enhanced detail and clarity.
  • Deep-Sky Observation: Explore the cosmos in intricate detail, revealing hidden structures and features of celestial objects.

Package Contents

  • H-Alpha Camera Lens Filter
  • Stability frame for secure attachment during use

Unlock the Cosmos Today

Transform your astrophotography experience with the H-Alpha Filter 72mm. Explore the universe with unparalleled precision and capture breathtaking images of the cosmos like never before. Order now and embark on your journey to uncover the mysteries of the night sky with clarity and finesse.

Note: The H-Alpha Filter is designed for deep-sky astrophotography and observation. It is not suitable for solar photography.

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