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FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter Mist Cinematic Dreamy Effect Filter

FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter Mist Cinematic Dreamy Effect Filter

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FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter Mist Cinematic Dreamy Effect Filter

Features of FX Black Diffusion Filter

Discover the transformative capabilities of the FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter, designed to impart a cinematic dreamy effect to your photography and videography.

Black Diffusion Camera Lens Filter

The FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter enhances your visuals with its unique cinematic effect, reducing highlights and glare while providing a smoother skin tone and a hazier, softer appearance. Ideal for portrait photography, video recording, and vlog production, this filter adds a dream-like film quality to your images.

HD Optical Glass for Superior Clarity

Crafted from high-definition optical glass, the FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter offers exceptional clarity with 85% light transmission. It effectively softens wrinkles and pores in portraits while introducing a warm depth to your photos or videos, enhancing the overall cinematic feel.

Professional B270 Optical Glass

Featuring professional-grade B270 optical glass, this filter boasts an impressive 96% light transmission and high-definition quality. It ensures minimal light dispersion and maintains true-to-life colors, making it an essential tool for photographers and videographers seeking precise image rendering.

14 Multi-Layer Coatings for Protection

The FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter is equipped with 14 multi-layer coatings on both sides of the glass, offering waterproof, scratch-resistant, and oil-proof properties (coated version only). These coatings provide robust protection against environmental elements, ensuring long-term durability and maintaining optical clarity under challenging conditions.

CNC Non-Slip Ultra Slim Frame Design

Engineered with a CNC trapezoidal pattern ultra-slim frame measuring only 0.13in/3.3mm, this filter eliminates vignetting and dark corners, even with wide-angle or telephoto lenses. The CNC non-slip design facilitates easy installation and removal, ensuring hassle-free operation during shoots.

Specifications of FX Black Diffusion Filter

  • Filter Type: Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter
  • Available Sizes: 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 77mm, 82mm
  • Material: HD Optical Glass, B270 Optical Glass
  • Coatings: 14 Multi-Layer Coatings (Waterproof, Scratch-Resistant, Oil-Proof) - Coated version only
  • Frame Design: CNC Ultra Slim Frame, Non-Slip Design

Applications of FX Black Diffusion Filter

Portrait Photography

The FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter is meticulously designed to excel in portrait photography, where it softens skin tones, reduces the appearance of blemishes, and enhances overall facial aesthetics. By diffusing light and reducing glare, it creates a gentle, dream-like effect that adds a cinematic touch to your portraits. Whether you're shooting professional headshots or intimate close-ups, this filter ensures your subjects look naturally radiant and visually captivating.

Video Recording

For videographers, the FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter enhances video quality by softening harsh lighting and minimizing distracting highlights. It introduces a subtle haze that lends a cinematic flair to your footage, making it ideal for capturing mood and atmosphere in various settings. From interviews to narrative sequences, this filter enhances the visual appeal of your videos, elevating them to professional standards with its nuanced, dreamy effect.

Vlog Production

In the world of vlogging, visual appeal is crucial for engaging audiences. The FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter enhances the look of your vlogs by adding warmth and depth to your scenes. It softens backgrounds, making the subject stand out while maintaining sharpness and clarity where it matters most. Whether you're filming outdoors or in controlled lighting environments, this filter helps you achieve a polished, cinematic look that sets your vlogs apart.

Package Contents

Each FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter package includes:

  • 1 x FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter
  • 1 x Protective Storage Case

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Unlock new creative possibilities with the FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter, a must-have accessory for photographers and videographers aiming to achieve a cinematic dreamy effect in their visuals. With its premium optical glass construction, durable design, and user-friendly features, this filter ensures exceptional image quality and artistic expression in every shot. Whether you're capturing portraits, filming videos, or producing vlogs, the FX Black Diffusion 1/4 Filter delivers unparalleled performance and reliability, making it a valuable addition to your photography gear.


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