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Dual Bandpass Astrophotography Filter 77mm

Dual Bandpass Astrophotography Filter 77mm

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Dual Band pass Astrophotography Filter 77mm

Are you ready to take your astrophotography to new heights? The Dual Bandpass Astrophotography Filter 77mm is your ultimate tool for capturing the beauty of the night sky with stunning detail and clarity. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding stargazer, this filter will elevate your celestial photography game like never before.

Overall Review

The Dual Bandpass Filter 77mm is a game-changer for astrophotographers. Its dual-bandpass functionality and top-notch construction enable photographers to capture the cosmos with exceptional clarity and detail. Users love how it enhances image contrast, reduces light pollution, and reveals the hidden wonders of the universe, making it a must-have accessory for any astrophotography enthusiast.

Product Specifications

  • Product: Dual Bandpass Filter
  • Functionality: Dual-Bandpass (660nm Red / 850nm NIR)
  • Size: 77mm
  • Wavelength Ranges: 660nm (Red), 850nm (Near-Infrared/NIR)
  • Construction: High-Quality Optical Glass

Dual Bandpass Filter for Camera Lens


  • Dual-Bandpass Functionality: Simultaneously filters 660nm (Red) and 850nm (Near-Infrared/NIR) wavelengths, enhancing color saturation and contrast while allowing exploration of infrared photography.
  • Thread Frame Ring: Securely attaches to your camera lens, ensuring protection and easy installation. This feature guarantees that the filter stays in place during long exposure shots.
  • High-Quality Glass Construction: Crafted from premium optical glass, this filter offers minimal distortion and aberration, delivering sharp, detailed images with excellent light transmission.


  • Deep-Sky Astrophotography: Capture stunning images of nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters with enhanced contrast and detail using the 660nm (Red) and 850nm (Near-Infrared/NIR) bandpass filtration.
  • Planetary Imaging: Enhance the visibility of planetary features and surface details. The filter selectively blocks specific wavelengths of light for improved clarity and resolution in planetary photography.
  • Landscape Photography: Use the 660nm (Red) bandpass to capture vibrant landscapes with boosted color saturation and contrast, perfect for both daytime and twilight photography.
  • Infrared Photography: Explore the hidden beauty of the near-infrared spectrum with the 850nm bandpass. Reveal unique textures and details not visible to the naked eye, adding a creative twist to your photography.
  • Creative Expression: Experiment with dual-bandpass filtration to create unique and artistic compositions, blending the vivid colors of the visible spectrum with the surreal tones of infrared imagery.

Unleash Your Inner Astronomer

The Dual Bandpass Filter 77mm is your ticket to capturing the night sky like never before. Whether you're photographing the intricate structures of distant nebulae, the majestic spirals of galaxies, or the stunning details of planetary surfaces, this filter provides unparalleled clarity and precision. Say goodbye to light pollution and hello to the hidden wonders of the cosmos.

Embark on an astrophotography adventure with the Dual Bandpass Filter 77mm. Capture awe-inspiring images that inspire wonder and imagination, and transform your astrophotography dreams into reality. This filter is not just a tool; it's your gateway to exploring and documenting the universe in all its glory.

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