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DSLR Camera Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller

DSLR Camera Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller

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Intervalometer Digital Camera Remote Shutter Release Controller

Discover enhanced control over your photography sessions with the DSLR Camera Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller. This advanced device features comprehensive functionality to optimize your shooting experience, whether you're capturing single shots, continuous sequences, time-lapses, or delayed exposures. Read on to explore its features, specifications, compatibility with various camera models, applications, and what's included in the package.

What is Intervalometer?

An intervalometer is a device or feature used primarily in photography and time-lapse photography to automate the process of taking photos at set intervals of time. It is essentially a timer-controlled shutter release mechanism that allows photographers to capture sequences of images over prolonged periods without continuous manual operation.

Features of the Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller

  1. LCD Timer Control

    • The intervalometer is equipped with an LCD screen that displays timer settings and shooting modes clearly. This allows photographers to set precise intervals and timings for shooting sequences, ensuring consistent and professional results.
  2. Versatile Shooting Modes

    • Supports multiple shooting modes including:
      • Single Shooting: Capture individual shots with precision.
      • Continuous Shooting: Enable continuous shutter release for capturing fast-paced action.
      • Delay Shooting: Set a delay before the shutter is released, ideal for self-portraits or group photos.
      • Timer Planning Shooting: Plan and schedule your shots at specific intervals.
      • Interval Shooting: Automatically trigger the shutter at predefined intervals, essential for creating time-lapse sequences and capturing changes over time.
  3. Compatibility with Various Cameras

    • The intervalometer is available in different models tailored for specific camera brands:
      • C6 (Canon): Compatible with Canon EOS series cameras including models like EOS R, 90D, 80D, Rebel series, and PowerShot series.
      • C6 (Olympus): Supports Olympus OM-D and OM series cameras.
      • C6 (Fujifilm): Designed for Fujifilm X series and GFX series cameras.
      • C6 (Pentax): Compatible with Pentax DSLR cameras such as K-3 III, K-1, and more.
      • C6 (Contax, Hasselblad, Samsung, Sigma): Designed for specific models from these brands.
    • Ensure compatibility by selecting the correct model according to your camera's specifications. Contact customer service for assistance if your camera model is not listed.

Specifications of the Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller

  • Type: Wired Timer Remote Control
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Timer Control: Yes, with interval and delay settings
  • Power Source: AAA batteries (not included)
  • Cable Length: Varies based on model

Applications of the Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller

  1. Time-Lapse Photography

    • Perfect for creating captivating time-lapse videos by automatically capturing frames at set intervals. Ideal for capturing sunrise/sunset, blooming flowers, or cityscapes.
  2. Astrophotography

    • Allows photographers to set long exposures and intervals needed to capture celestial movements and star trails with precision.
  3. Macro Photography

    • Minimizes camera shake during close-up shots, ensuring sharp focus and clarity in detailed subjects.
  4. Long Exposure Photography

    • Enables prolonged exposures for capturing light trails, flowing water, and other long-exposure effects without the need to hold the shutter button manually.
  5. Self-Portraits and Group Photos

    • Facilitates self-portraits and group photos by allowing users to set a delay timer for the shutter release, ensuring everyone is ready and in position.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Note: AAA batteries required for operation (not included)

Why Choose the Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller?

  1. Precision Timing: The intervalometer allows you to set exact intervals and delays for shutter release, ensuring you never miss the perfect moment.

  2. Enhanced Control: With support for single, continuous, timer planning, and interval shooting modes, you have complete control over your shooting session.

  3. Compatibility: Available in various models for Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax, and other brands, ensuring compatibility with your specific camera model.

  4. Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of applications including time-lapse photography, astrophotography, macro shooting, and more.

Remote Shutter Release Controller

The DSLR Camera Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller is a must-have accessory for photographers looking to expand their creative possibilities and achieve precise control over their camera settings. Whether you're a landscape photographer, astrophotographer, or enthusiast capturing everyday moments, this intervalometer enhances your shooting capabilities with versatile shooting modes and reliable performance. Invest in the Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller today to elevate your photography skills and capture stunning images with ease.

Order Now and Enhance Your Photography

Take your photography to new heights with the DSLR Camera Intervalometer Remote Shutter Release Controller. This essential tool empowers you with precise control over your camera's shutter, enabling you to capture stunning time-lapse sequences, sharp long exposures, and perfectly timed shots without the risk of camera shake. The intervalometer's intuitive LCD timer control and versatile shooting modes cater to a wide range of photography genres, from landscape and astrophotography to macro and self-portraits.

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