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Didymium Filter 55mm

Didymium Filter 55mm

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The Didymium Filter for Camera Lens is a versatile accessory designed to enhance your photography experience by reducing light pollution and enhancing color accuracy. Crafted with premium optical glass, this filter ensures exceptional image quality for both day and night photography.

What is Didymium?

Didymium is a rare earth element that is actually a mixture of two elements, neodymium and praseodymium. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of certain types of optical glass, particularly for specialized filters and lenses used in photography and other optical applications.

Didymium-containing glass has unique optical properties that make it valuable for various purposes. It is known for its ability to selectively absorb specific wavelengths of light, particularly in the yellow-green and orange-red regions of the spectrum. This selective absorption allows Didymium glass to enhance color balance and reduce certain types of light pollution, making it useful for improving the quality of images in photography, particularly in landscape and astrophotography.

In addition to its optical properties, Didymium also has other industrial applications, including its use in the production of certain types of ceramics, glass, and catalysts. However, its most notable use is in the manufacturing of optical glass for specialized filters and lenses, where its unique optical properties are highly valued.

What is Didymium Filter?

A Didymium Filter is a specialized optical filter used primarily in photography, particularly for enhancing color balance and reducing certain types of light pollution. It is made from a type of optical glass containing the rare earth elements praseodymium and neodymium, which give the filter its distinctive properties.

Step up your photography game with the Didymium Filter 55mm for camera lenses. Crafted from premium optical glass, this versatile accessory is designed to reduce light pollution and boost color accuracy, ensuring stunning image quality whether you're shooting under the sun or capturing the stars.

Product Specification

  • Product: Didymium Filter
  • Type: PNB586 (Equivalent to BG20)
  • Size: 55mm (Various sizes available)
  • Material: Didymium Optical Glass
  • Compatibility: Fits a wide range of camera lenses


  • Frame Included: Comes with a durable frame for secure attachment and added lens protection.
  • Reduced Light Pollution: Effectively minimizes artificial light interference, ideal for vibrant urban photography.
  • Optical Glass Construction: Ensures crystal-clear images with accurate color reproduction.
  • Vibrant Color Enhancement: Infused with neodymium and praseodymium for vivid, lifelike colors that pop in every shot.
Didymium Filter for Camera Lens


  • Product: Didymium Filter
  • Type: PNB586 (Equivalent to BG20)
  • Size: Choose your required size from available options
  • Material: Didymium Optical Glass
  • Compatibility: Various camera lenses

Package Contents:

  • 1x Didymium Filter
  • 1x Frame


Daytime Photography

Enhanced Color Accuracy: The Didymium Filter 55mm excels in daytime photography by enhancing color accuracy. It selectively filters out wavelengths in the yellow-green and orange-red spectrum, ensuring that colors in your photographs appear more vibrant and true to life. This is particularly beneficial when capturing landscapes, flowers, and other natural scenery where accurate color representation is crucial.

Reduced Atmospheric Haze: In landscape photography, atmospheric haze can often diminish the clarity and contrast of distant scenes. The Didymium Filter helps reduce this haze, allowing you to capture sharper and more detailed images of distant mountains, valleys, and horizons. It enhances the visual impact of your landscapes by bringing out the natural colors and textures, making your photos stand out with clarity.

Urban Photography

Minimized Light Pollution: Urban environments are notorious for their artificial lighting, which can create unwanted glare and color casts in photographs. The Didymium Filter effectively mitigates these issues by selectively blocking out specific wavelengths of light associated with urban light pollution. This results in clearer and more natural-looking images of cityscapes, architecture, and street scenes, preserving the true colors and details amidst city lights.

Enhanced Contrast and Clarity: Even in bustling urban settings, the Didymium Filter enhances contrast and clarity. By reducing the impact of artificial light sources, it allows you to capture sharper details and richer textures in your urban compositions. Whether you're photographing city skylines at dusk or bustling streets at night, this filter helps maintain the integrity of your images with improved clarity and definition.

Landscape Photography

Preserving Natural Colors: When photographing landscapes, preserving the natural colors of the environment is essential for conveying the beauty and atmosphere of the scene. The Didymium Filter enhances color vibrancy without introducing unnatural color shifts, ensuring that your photos faithfully represent the hues of forests, lakes, mountains, and skies. It brings out the rich greens of foliage, the deep blues of water bodies, and the warm tones of sunlit landscapes with remarkable fidelity.

Reduced Glare and Flare: Direct sunlight and reflections can sometimes cause unwanted glare and lens flare in landscape photography. The Didymium Filter helps minimize these optical distortions, allowing you to capture clear, crisp images without distracting artifacts. It enables you to photograph scenes with high contrast between light and shadow, ensuring that both bright highlights and subtle shadows are rendered with balanced exposure and detail.


Mitigating Light Pollution: In astrophotography, capturing clear images of stars, galaxies, and nebulae requires minimizing light pollution from surrounding urban areas. The Didymium Filter is instrumental in reducing the impact of artificial light sources, enhancing the visibility of celestial objects against the night sky. It allows you to capture faint details and intricate structures in deep-space objects, making it an essential tool for astrophotographers aiming to explore the cosmos from light-polluted locations.

Enhanced Sky Transparency

By selectively filtering out wavelengths of light associated with light pollution, the Didymium Filter improves sky transparency during astrophotography sessions. This enhances the contrast between celestial objects and the background sky, making it easier to capture stars, planets, and nebulae with greater clarity and definition. It enables you to photograph celestial phenomena with enhanced detail, revealing nuances that are otherwise obscured by ambient light pollution.

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The Didymium Filter 55mm is a versatile accessory that enhances the quality and visual impact of your photographs across various settings and conditions. From vibrant daytime landscapes to urban cityscapes illuminated by artificial lights, and from clear nighttime skies to detailed astrophotography, this filter empowers photographers to capture stunning images with enhanced color accuracy, reduced light pollution, and improved clarity. Embrace the Didymium Filter to elevate your photography and unleash your creativity in capturing the beauty of the world and the cosmos alike.

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