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B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter

B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter

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B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter

Discover the exceptional capabilities of the B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter, an essential tool for photographers seeking optical excellence in both analog and digital photography.

Features of B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter

  • Optical Precision: The B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter is crafted with meticulous attention to optical precision. It enhances the clarity and contrast of your photographs by reducing reflections and glare, resulting in vivid, true-to-life colors and improved image quality.
  • Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC): Equipped with B+W's advanced Multi-Resistant Coating, the filter effectively reduces reflections and ghosting while protecting the filter surface from scratches, moisture, and other contaminants. This coating ensures optimal light transmission and maintains the integrity of your images.
  • Enhanced Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the CPL filter features a slim brass ring construction that not only provides durability but also minimizes vignetting on wide-angle lenses. This design allows for hassle-free attachment and detachment on your camera lens.
  • Universal Compatibility: Available in a wide range of sizes from 49mm to 82mm, the B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter is compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, and other DSLR cameras that have corresponding filter thread diameters. This versatility ensures seamless integration into your existing photography setup.

Applications of B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter

  • Landscape Photography: Enhance the saturation of blue skies and foliage while reducing atmospheric haze for crisp, clear landscape shots.
  • Portrait Photography: Minimize reflections on skin and enhance facial details with improved contrast and color saturation.
  • Architecture Photography: Remove glare and reflections from glass and reflective surfaces to capture clean and detailed architectural images.
  • Product and Still Life Photography: Control reflections on shiny surfaces and enhance product details with vibrant colors and enhanced clarity.
  • Outdoor Sports and Wildlife Photography: Reduce glare and reflections on water surfaces and capture vibrant colors in nature photography.

Package Contents

  • 1 x B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter
  • Protective Case

Usage Tips

  • Ensure your camera lens is compatible with the filter's diameter (49mm to 82mm).
  • Rotate the filter to adjust the polarization effect according to the scene.
  • Clean the filter regularly with a microfiber cloth to maintain optimal performance.
  • Store the filter in its protective case when not in use to prevent scratches and damage.

B+W CPL Digital

The term "B+W CPL Digital" refers to a line of circular polarizing filters manufactured by B+W, a brand under Schneider Optics renowned for producing high-quality optical accessories for photography and videography. Hereโ€™s an explanation of what "B+W CPL Digital" signifies:

B+W (Schneider Optics)

  • Reputation: B+W is a well-respected brand known for its precision-crafted filters that cater to professional photographers and videographers. With decades of experience in optics, B+W filters are trusted worldwide for their quality and performance.
  • Optical Excellence: B+W CPL Digital filters are designed to meet the rigorous demands of digital photography. They are crafted using high-quality optical glass that ensures superior image clarity and color fidelity.

CPL (Circular Polarizer)

  • Polarizing Effect: CPL stands for Circular Polarizer. These filters are essential for photographers who want to manage reflections and glare in their photographs. CPL filters work by selectively filtering out polarized light, which reduces reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, and foliage.
  • Enhanced Color and Contrast: By reducing reflections and enhancing color saturation, CPL filters improve the overall quality of images. They help achieve deeper blues in skies, richer greens in foliage, and overall enhanced contrast, making images appear more vibrant and dynamic.
  • Rotatable Design: Circular polarizers like those in the B+W CPL Digital series have a rotatable outer ring. This allows photographers to adjust the polarization effect by rotating the filter, depending on the angle of the light and the desired effect.


  • Specifically for Digital Photography: The designation "Digital" indicates that these CPL filters are optimized for use with digital cameras. They are designed to minimize any potential impact on autofocus systems and digital sensors while maximizing optical performance.
  • Anti-Reflection Coating: CPL Digital filters from B+W often feature advanced multi-coatings that reduce reflections and flare. This Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) helps maintain high light transmission, improves contrast, and protects the filter against scratches, water, and oil.


The term "XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL" refers to a specific line of polarizing filters manufactured by B+W (Schneider Optics). Here's a breakdown of what each component of the name signifies:


  • Slim Design: The "XS-PRO" designation indicates that the filter has a slim profile. This slim design helps to prevent vignetting, especially when used with wide-angle lenses, by minimizing the thickness of the filter ring.
  • Extra Strong: It also implies robustness and durability, making it suitable for professional use. Despite its slim form factor, the XS-PRO filters are constructed with durable materials to withstand frequent use in various shooting conditions.

MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating)

  • Advanced Coating: "MRC" stands for Multi-Resistant Coating, which is a proprietary coating technology developed by B+W. This coating serves multiple purposes:
    • Anti-Reflective: Reduces reflections on the filter surface, improving light transmission and minimizing ghosting and flare.
    • Water and Oil Repellent: Makes the filter surface resistant to water, oil, and other contaminants, making it easier to clean and maintain.
    • Scratch Resistant: Provides a protective layer that enhances the durability of the filter against scratches and abrasions.
    • Easy to Clean: The MRC coating also facilitates easier cleaning of the filter surface, ensuring that it remains free from smudges and fingerprints.

CIR-PL (Circular Polarizer)

  • Polarizing Effect: "CIR-PL" denotes that the filter is a Circular Polarizer. Circular polarizers are designed to reduce glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass. They achieve this by selectively filtering out polarized light, thereby enhancing color saturation, improving contrast, and increasing overall image clarity.
  • Adjustable Polarization: The "CIR" indicates that the filter is circular, allowing photographers to adjust the polarization effect by rotating the filter ring. This adjustment is crucial for achieving the desired effect based on the angle of light and the composition of the scene.

B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizing Filter

The B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter is a must-have accessory for photographers of all levels, offering unparalleled optical performance and durability. Whether you're capturing landscapes, portraits, or architectural details, this filter enhances your photography by reducing reflections and enhancing color saturation. Elevate your photographic results with the B+W CPL Digital XS-PRO MRC CIR-PL Polarizer Filter and experience the difference in clarity and vibrancy in every shot.


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