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Adjustable IR (Infrared) Camera Lens Filter

Adjustable IR (Infrared) Camera Lens Filter

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Discover Boundless Creativity with the Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter

Transform your photography with the Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter, a revolutionary tool that opens up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, this filter empowers you to capture stunning images that transcend the ordinary.

Overall Review

The Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter is a game-changer in the realm of photography. With its ability to adjust wavelengths from 550nm to 750nm with a simple twist, it offers unparalleled versatility and control. Designed for SLR and DSLR cameras, it allows photographers to explore the mystical realm of infrared photography with ease and precision.

Product Specification

Crafted from high-quality optical glass and durable metal, this filter ensures exceptional clarity and reliability. It's available in various sizes ranging from 43mm to 82mm, making it compatible with a wide range of camera lenses. The adjustable feature eliminates the need for multiple filters, streamlining your gear without compromising on creative flexibility.


  • Variable Wavelength Adjustment: Easily adjust the filter to transmit infrared light between 550nm and 750nm. This flexibility enables you to achieve different artistic effects and capture unique perspectives.
  • User-Friendly Design: The filter's index marks provide clear guidance on the selected wavelength, allowing for precise adjustments and consistent results.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for diverse fields such as archaeology, landscape photography, and special effects. It reveals hidden details, enhances contrast, and creates surreal visual narratives.
  • Optical Clarity: Built with optical glass that maintains image quality and minimizes aberrations, ensuring sharp and vibrant photographs.


  1. Archaeology and Forensics: Uncover hidden details and patterns invisible to the naked eye, aiding in research and analysis.
  2. Landscape Photography: Capture landscapes in a new light with enhanced textures and dramatic contrasts, producing striking images.
  3. Creative Expression: Experiment with infrared effects for unique artistic interpretations, adding depth and emotion to your photographs.

Here is a list of available sizes for the Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter:

  1. 43mm
  2. 46mm
  3. 49mm
  4. 52mm
  5. 55mm
  6. 58mm
  7. 62mm
  8. 67mm
  9. 72mm
  10. 77mm
  11. 82mm

These sizes cover a wide range of SLR and DSLR camera lens diameters, ensuring compatibility with various camera setups. Whether you're using a compact mirrorless camera or a professional DSLR, you can find the right size of the Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter to suit your photography needs.

Why Choose the Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter?

Embrace innovation and expand your photographic horizons with the Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter. Whether you're exploring ancient ruins, capturing the serenity of nature, or experimenting with visual storytelling, this filter enhances your ability to create captivating imagery. It's a must-have tool for photographers who seek to push boundaries and redefine their craft.

Order Yours Today!

Elevate your photography with the Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter and embark on a journey of discovery and creativity. From capturing unseen details to crafting artistic masterpieces, this filter empowers you to express your unique vision with every shot. Explore the infrared spectrum, unleash your creativity, and transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary photographs. Choose innovation, choose versatility—choose the Adjustable Infrared Camera Lens Filter today.


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