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Adjustable 360 LED Light Video DSLR Camera

Adjustable 360 LED Light Video DSLR Camera

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Adjustable 360 LED Light Video DSLR Camera

In the realm of photography and videography, proper lighting is paramount to achieving professional-quality results. The Ulanzi Vijim VL66 Adjustable LED Video Light is a versatile and powerful lighting solution designed to enhance your shooting experience across various scenarios. This detailed product description explores the features, specifications, applications, and package contents of the VL66, highlighting its capabilities and benefits for photographers, videographers, and content creators.

Versatile Lighting Solution

Adjustable Color Temperature

The Ulanzi Vijim VL66 LED Video Light features a bi-color temperature range from 3200K to 5600K, providing flexibility to adjust the color temperature according to different lighting conditions. Whether you need warm, tungsten-balanced light for indoor shoots or cool, daylight-balanced light for outdoor settings, the VL66 ensures that you achieve accurate and natural-looking lighting for your subjects.

360° Rotatable Mount Bracket

Equipped with a 360° rotatable mount bracket, the VL66 allows you to adjust the light angle freely to suit various shooting angles and setups. This versatile feature enables you to direct the light precisely where it's needed, whether you're shooting portraits, interviews, product photography, or vlogs. The rotatable mount bracket enhances the light's adaptability and usability in diverse shooting environments.

Portable and Rechargeable

Designed for portability and convenience, the VL66 LED Video Light is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and handle during outdoor shoots or on-location filming. It's powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, offering extended operation time without the hassle of constant battery replacements. The built-in battery ensures uninterrupted shooting sessions, and the light can also be used while charging via a standard USB Type-C port, providing flexibility for extended use.


Product Name: Ulanzi Vijim VL66 Adjustable LED Video Light

  • Color Temperature: Bi-color 3200K-5600K
  • Lighting Type: Photographic Strobe Lighting
  • Mounting: 360° Rotatable Mount Bracket
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Battery (built-in)
  • Charging Port: USB Type-C
  • Battery Life: Extended usage time per charge


High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), the VL66 ensures accurate color reproduction and realistic color rendition in your photos and videos. This feature is essential for capturing vivid and lifelike images, where accurate colors are crucial for professional-grade photography and videography.

Dimmable Brightness Control

The VL66 LED Video Light offers dimmable brightness control, allowing you to adjust the light intensity from low to high levels. This flexibility enables you to create the desired lighting atmosphere and effectively control exposure without altering the color temperature, ensuring consistent and adjustable lighting effects for different shooting conditions.

Wide Application Range

The Ulanzi Vijim VL66 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Portrait Photography: Illuminate subjects with soft, flattering light, enhancing facial features and minimizing shadows for professional portraits.

  • Interviews and Documentaries: Provide balanced and adjustable lighting for interviews and documentary filming, ensuring clear visibility and detail in every shot.

  • Product Photography: Highlight product details and textures with controlled lighting, making products appear vibrant and appealing in commercial photography.

  • Vlogging and Live Streaming: Enhance video quality with adjustable lighting, ensuring clear and well-lit presentations in vlogs, live streams, and online content creation.

Package Contents

The package includes:

  • 1 x Ulanzi Vijim VL66 Adjustable LED Video Light
  • 1 x 360° Rotatable Mount Bracket
  • 1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable

Adjustable 360 LED Light for DSLR Camera

The Ulanzi Vijim VL66 Adjustable LED Video Light is a versatile and portable lighting solution that caters to the diverse needs of photographers, videographers, and content creators. With its adjustable color temperature, dimmable brightness control, and 360° rotatable mount bracket, the VL66 offers unparalleled flexibility in lighting adjustments and positioning. Whether you're shooting indoors or outdoors, for professional projects or personal creative endeavors, the VL66 ensures consistent and high-quality lighting results. Elevate your photography and videography with the Ulanzi Vijim VL66 Adjustable LED Video Light, and experience enhanced control and creativity in your visual storytelling.


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