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16 Layer Coating MC UV Filter

16 Layer Coating MC UV Filter

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16 Layer Coating MC UV Filter: Protect Your Lens with Precision

Introducing the 16 Layer Coating MC UV Filter, meticulously crafted to safeguard your valuable camera lenses while enhancing photographic clarity. This essential accessory offers superior protection against dust, moisture, fingerprints, scratches, and other potential damages, ensuring your lenses remain in pristine condition for prolonged use.


  • Type: UV Filter
  • Model Number: MC UV 16-Layer Filter
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Fit: All DSLR Camera/Digital Camera/Camcorder DV Lens
  • Diameter Options: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm
  • Glass Material: High Quality Optical Glass
  • Coating: 16-Layer Coating


Advanced Protection

The 16-layer coating on this MC UV filter acts as a robust shield for your camera lenses. It effectively repels dust, moisture, and scratches, safeguarding the lens surface from everyday wear and tear. This protection ensures consistent image quality and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

Optical Clarity

Crafted from high-quality optical glass sourced from Germany's SCHOTT, this filter excels in transmitting light while maintaining clarity and sharpness in your images. It minimizes lens flare and ghosting, enabling you to capture vivid and true-to-life photographs in various lighting conditions.

UV Light Filtering

Designed to filter out ultraviolet (UV) light, the MC UV filter enhances color and contrast by reducing the bluish cast that can occur in daylight photography. By absorbing UV rays, it ensures that your photos appear more natural and vibrant without compromising image quality.

Enhanced Transmittance

Boasting an impressive 99.9% transmittance rate, this filter allows maximum light transmission through the lens. This high transmittance minimizes the impact on exposure settings, ensuring accurate light metering and preserving the camera's autofocus performance.

Durable Construction

The aluminum alloy frame of the MC UV filter provides a sturdy and lightweight housing for the optical glass. With a frame height of 3.1mm, it maintains a low-profile design that minimizes vignetting and allows compatibility with a wide range of camera lenses without obstructing the field of view.


Outdoor Photography

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and landscape photographers, the MC UV filter protects lenses from environmental elements such as dust, sand, and moisture, allowing you to capture clear and crisp images in challenging conditions.

Portrait and Studio Photography

In studio settings or portrait sessions, where precise control over lighting and color rendition is crucial, the UV filter helps in achieving accurate skin tones and vibrant colors by eliminating unwanted UV interference.

Travel and Everyday Use

Perfect for travel photography and everyday shooting scenarios, the MC UV filter ensures that your camera lenses are always ready to capture spontaneous moments with clarity and precision.

Package Contents

  • 1 x 16 Layer Coating MC UV Filter
  • Protective Case: Safely stores the filter when not in use, preventing scratches and damage.
  • User Manual: Provides instructions for proper installation and maintenance of the UV filter.

Why UV Filter?

A UV filter serves several practical purposes in photography, making it a valuable accessory for both amateur and professional photographers alike. Here’s why photographers often choose to use UV filters:

Protection for Camera Lenses

1. Protects Against Physical Damage: UV filters act as a protective barrier for the front element of your camera lens. They shield the lens from scratches, dust, moisture, and fingerprints that could otherwise compromise image quality. This is particularly beneficial in outdoor and rugged environments where lenses are more susceptible to damage.

2. Safeguards Against UV Rays: Originally designed to filter ultraviolet (UV) light, these filters absorb UV rays that can cause haziness and a bluish cast in photographs, especially in high-altitude and coastal scenes. While modern digital cameras are less sensitive to UV light than film cameras, the filter still serves its protective purpose effectively.

Optical Benefits

1. Improved Image Clarity: By reducing the effects of UV light, the filter helps to improve clarity and sharpness in photographs, particularly on sunny days. It can enhance contrast and color saturation by eliminating the slight haze that UV light can create in images.

2. Minimal Impact on Image Quality: High-quality UV filters, such as those with multi-coatings (MC), have minimal impact on the overall image quality. They transmit almost all visible light wavelengths, ensuring that there’s no noticeable reduction in light transmission or introduction of color shifts.

Practical Applications

1. Versatile Use: UV filters are versatile and can be left on the lens at all times, serving as a protective layer without affecting the camera’s performance. This makes them ideal for travel and outdoor photography, where lenses are exposed to varying conditions.

2. Lens Insurance: Investing in a UV filter is akin to insuring your camera lens. It’s a cost-effective measure to protect your expensive lenses from potential damage, ensuring they remain in top condition for longer and reducing maintenance costs over time.


1. Quality Matters: Opt for high-quality UV filters made from optical glass and multi-coated to maintain image clarity and prevent flare or reflections. Cheap or poorly-made filters may degrade image quality by introducing unwanted artifacts.

2. Compatibility: Ensure the UV filter you choose matches the thread size of your lens. Most lenses have a filter thread diameter specified near the front element, such as 49mm, 52mm, 67mm, etc. Choosing the correct size prevents vignetting and ensures the filter fits securely.

Multi-Coating (MC)

"MC" stands for Multi-Coated or Multi-Coating. It refers to a type of optical coating applied to lens elements or filters to improve their performance and durability.

Benefits of 16 Layer Coating

The benefits of a 16-layer coating on optical components, such as lenses or filters, are significant in terms of improving optical performance, durability, and image quality. Here are several advantages of utilizing a 16-layer coating:

Multi-Coating (MC) is a specialized optical coating technique where multiple layers of coating materials are applied to lens elements or filters. Each layer is carefully designed and deposited on the surface to achieve specific optical properties, such as reducing reflections and enhancing light transmission.

The primary purpose of MC coating is to minimize reflections and improve light transmission through the lens or filter. This results in several benefits for photographers and optical systems, including:

Optical Performance

1. Reduced Reflections: Multiple layers of anti-reflection coating significantly reduce surface reflections and internal reflections within the lens or filter. This minimizes flare and ghosting, which can degrade image contrast and clarity, especially when shooting in bright light or against strong light sources.

2. Enhanced Light Transmission: The advanced coating technology allows more light to pass through the lens or filter by reducing light loss due to reflections. This results in improved overall light transmission and better optical efficiency, which is crucial for maintaining brightness and detail in images.

3. Improved Contrast and Color Fidelity: By eliminating unwanted reflections and enhancing light transmission, a 16-layer coating helps preserve true colors and contrast in photographs. This ensures that images appear more vibrant, with accurate color reproduction and deeper blacks, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Durability and Protection

1. Scratch Resistance: The outermost layers of the coating are typically designed to be hard and scratch-resistant. This protects the optical surface from physical damage caused by dust, dirt, fingerprints, or accidental scratches during handling or cleaning.

2. Smudge and Water Resistance: Some coatings include hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, making the surface resistant to water, oil, and smudges. This makes the lens or filter easier to clean and maintain, while also reducing the risk of water spots affecting image quality.

3. Long-Term Protection: The durability of a 16-layer coating extends the lifespan of optical components by safeguarding them against environmental factors and everyday wear and tear. This reduces the need for frequent cleaning and replacement, thus lowering maintenance costs over time.

Image Quality

1. Reduced Flare and Ghosting: Flare and ghosting are optical artifacts that can occur when light reflects internally between lens elements or off the surface of filters. The anti-reflection properties of a 16-layer coating effectively minimize these artifacts, resulting in cleaner and more pleasing images.

2. Sharpness and Clarity: By optimizing light transmission and reducing interference from reflections, the coating helps maintain sharpness and clarity across the entire image frame. This is crucial for achieving crisp details and fine textures in both center and peripheral areas of photographs.

Practical Benefits

1. Versatility and Adaptability: Filters with a 16-layer coating are versatile and suitable for various photographic applications, including landscape, portrait, architecture, and macro photography. They perform consistently well across different lighting conditions and shooting scenarios.

2. Compatibility: Coated filters are designed to complement modern high-resolution lenses and digital camera sensors. They do not introduce unwanted optical effects that could compromise the quality of images captured with advanced camera equipment.

MC UV Filter

The 16 Layer Coating MC UV Filter is an indispensable accessory for photographers seeking to protect their camera lenses while enhancing image quality. With its advanced coating technology, durable construction, and compatibility across various camera models, this filter ensures optimal performance and reliability in diverse photographic environments. Invest in the MC UV filter to safeguard your lenses and elevate your photography to new heights of clarity and precision.


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